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How I Spent My Summer as a Marketing Intern at Accel Entertainment

August 22, 2018

First a word from the Accel Digital Team: We were so thrilled to have worked with Jordan this summer. His contributions to the Digital Marketing team have far exceeded any expectations we had and we are so grateful for his quick learning and great content development. He's been an asset to our team, so we thought we would have him give you a little bit of insight into what he worked on this summer. Here is a little bit about Jordan:

Major: Marketing

Minor: Supply Chain Management

School: Florida Gulf Coast University

Expected Graduation: May, 2019

Here's what Jordan had to say about his experience during his internship:

Throughout the duration of my summer internship as a Marketing Intern for Accel Entertainment, I gained a lot of knowledge on many different things involved in the marketing and gaming industry. First and foremost, Accel’s marketing department goes above and beyond to help their customers become successful small businesses.

To enhance and further my knowledge to better become an asset to Accel’s marketing team, I completed three marketing certifications. I completed a Marketing Software Certification which taught me the advanced software training that was needed to be fast and efficient throughout our platform to help our customers. Next, I became Inbound Marketing certified which helped me learn the art of attracting customers through content and how to include value at every step of the customer’s process. Lastly, I became Email Marketing certified and I learned all about how to construct an inbound email marketing campaign.

Accel loves helping business owners drive more traffic to their establishment and it’s apparent in their marketing efforts. For example, The Winning Ticket blog gives out great information on how to attract new patrons, updates on the Illinois gaming market, and tips on how to get started with social media! I was privileged to be able to write many blogs throughout my summer at Accel. Below are all the blogs I had the honor in writing:

Accel Honors Our Heroes This Memorial Day

Facebook for Business 101: Getting Started with a Business Page

How to Promote Your Bar in The Summer

Run The Ridge 5K & 1K Run/Walk

How to Get Your Video Gaming Players to Stay Five More Minutes

Email Marketing for Video Gaming Businesses

How Groupon Can Help Your Slot Machine Business

9 Ways to Get Your Slot Machine Patron's Email Addresses


Download these free social media graphics for fallIn addition to my content creation and digital assessments, I was fortunate enough to manage Accel’s social media accounts during the summer. This is a very important task because this is how Accel gets out important information to their clients. This is also how they engage with their partners and slot players. I was also involved in the creation of graphics that are provided to locations. One of the perks of having Accel as your Terminal Operator is that they offer free graphics for you to download and promote on your own social media accounts. As of now, they have fall, spring, and summer graphics that highlight the main holidays or days of that season.

Those are just a few of the many things that I have learned this summer that the Marketing department does to go above and beyond to make sure their customers are taken care of and to make it as hassle free as possible for their partners. After working on the inside looking out, it truly shows that a lot more goes on behind the scenes than people may think, there’s more to it than just slot machines and video gaming. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity at Accel Entertainment this summer. An added bonus was all the brilliant people I’ve had the honor to work with these past 3 and a half months!

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