An Illinois Gaming Provider with Family Roots

The most important part of Accel Entertainment, apart from our Illinois gaming license, is our people.

Accel Slot Machines

6,316 Machines

That's equivalent to the number of machines in about 7 casinos, with the support staff to match. It's no easy feat, and as we've added machines we've constantly worked to improve our preventative maintenance and machine “up time.” Our support team is spread throughout the state, matching our location footprint, to ensure we're always nearby when we're needed.

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Accel Employees

430 Employees

We've worked hard to strategically expand our company, adding employees along the way and outgrowing multiple offices. We still remember the days when the number of employees could be counted on two hands and we'd hold company meetings at our CEO's corner bar. We value that part of our past, and we'll never lose our family feel.

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Illinois Licensed Video Gaming Locations

1,396 Locations

It's important to us that no matter how many locations we partner with, we treat each relationship with an owner and support staff as our highest priority. We know that in this industry, relationships matter. That's why each of our locations has a dedicated Relationship Manager to provide support on a personal level.

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Company History

Accel Entertainment was granted its Terminal Operator license by the Illinois Gaming Board on March 15, 2012. Accel was one of the first Terminal Operators to be licensed in the state.

The founders of Accel were business professionals who saw an opportunity for success in the Illinois gaming market. They brought friends and family together to form a company that would focus on developing mutually successful relationships with their customers.

“There’s nothing more important than building relationships that start with trust and integrity, and maximize value for both parties,” says founder and CEO, Andy Rubenstein.

The Illinois Video Gaming Act was enacted on July 13, 2009 to help fund Public Act 96-0034, a $31 billion State infrastructure improvement plan.

The Video Gaming Act allowed up to five video gaming terminals (VGTs) to be operated at liquor-licensed establishments, certain fraternal and veterans organizations and truck stops.

On October 9, 2012, the Video gaming market officially commenced live operations.

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Accel Team Members Carry the CARD

Accel Cares


At Accel, we are a caring family. We're made up of a series of over 60 families with gaming or establishment-ownership experience. We came together to use video gaming to enhance our communities. We care about each other, and we care about our establishments.

Accel is Accountable


You can depend on us. We've got the size and financial backing to invest in our customers and ensure they're supported in a timely and satisfactory manner. We've lived throughout Illinois and have worked in or owned Illinois establishments for the past 80 years. 

Accel is Respectful


Respect means a lot at Accel. We're respectful of each other, and we're respectful of our locations. We view them as partners whose opinions and experience matters. We’re there to build a long-term business relationship that’s mutually profitable.

Accel is Driven


We are driven to be the largest Terminal Operator in Illinois and to deliver the best, most hands-on and tailored service to our establishments. We're confident in our services and we continue to strive for improvement.

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