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Illinois Gaming Market

How to Get Your Video Gaming Players to Stay Five More Minutes

June 28, 2018

As the Illinois Video Gaming market becomes more crowded, it takes added effort to stand out among video gaming locations. Some locations constantly generate more slot machine revenue than others. So how can you ensure that your players stay those five extra minutes?

Your Gaming Area

Is your gaming area visible when patrons walk in? If not, consider how you can help them locate it easily using signs and arrows. Next, it is crucial that you make your gaming area as roomy and pleasant as possible; this includes keeping it clean. We recommend checking the gaming area often to remove empty bottles, drinkware or trash.

You want to make sure that the lighting inside is soft and easy on the eyes, as not to cause too much glare on the machines. The temperature of the room is just as important - not too cold and not too hot. You want your players to feel as comfortable as possible.

New call-to-actionSome players may want to be part of the bar atmosphere, but be mindful of where the speakers are, how loud they are playing in the gaming area, and what type of music is on. It is an added bonus to have hand sanitizer and different phone chargers available for players to use. This is a small investment that will make a huge difference in the end. You want your players to feel satisfied.

Your Video Gaming Patrons

One simple mistake bar owners make is treating their gaming patrons differently than their regulars (referring to regulars as those who visit the establishment to drink regularly, but do not play the slot machines). Gamers can go to another location to experience comfort and amenities like seating, service, and giveaways. Having said that, direct your staff to be attentive and welcoming, but also recognize that most gamers do not want someone hanging over them watching their every move.

Effects of Video Gaming on IllinoisTeach the wait staff and bartenders to take care of the customer (for example, calling them by name, remembering what they like to drink and serving them ice water), and they will not want to go anywhere else. Try to learn their habits and what machines they like to play. If you have a good relationship, let them know you can text them when their favorite machine is available.

Try to figure out what motivates them to come to your location rather than somewhere else. Remember, they have many choices, but what separates you? By getting to know your players better and learning about their likes and dislikes, you can create an ideal playing experience. It pays to treat your gaming customers well!

Cashout Vouchers

Do you have a “Wall of Winners” dedicated to the cashout vouchers? If not, it might be a good idea to consider this. Post them on Facebook and use Twitter or Instagram to showcase your winners. If your establishment promotes all of the cashout vouchers of winners, then it may increase foot traffic and more players will want to play your slot machines.

How do you go the extra mile to keep your video gamers playing longer?

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