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Gaming establishments in the Illinois Video Gaming Market

If you're considering joining the Illinois video gaming market and adding slot machine revenue to your business, you're in the right place.

The Illinois Video Gaming Act was introduced on July 13, 2009, regulating the use of slot machines in licensed establishments in Illinois. The Video Gaming Act legalizes the use of up to 6 video gaming terminals (VGTs or slot machines) in the following types of establishments

Establishments must be located in a municipality that has opted in to allow video gaming. Click here to view a list of all Illinois municipalities and whether or not they allow video gaming.

Pouring Establishments

  • Any for profit business that is open to the public and has a liquor license that allows for on premise consumption (this includes all bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and any other businesses that have a valid liquor license allowing them to pour alcohol).

Truck Stops

  • Truck stops or convenience stores with a 3 acre facility, separate diesel islands, sell more than 10,000 gallons diesel/month, and with parking spaces for commercial vehicles. Learn more here.

Fraternal/Veteran's Organizations

  • Fraternal/Veteran's organizations with a national charter. 

More questions?

Visit the Illinois Gaming Board's list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Increase your establishment's revenue with Illinois slot machines.

The average establishment in Illinois earns over $60,000 per year, some earn over $200,000 per year.

Gaming revenue varies from establishment to establishment. Choosing the right mix of equipment, ensuring that equipment stays functional and advertising your slot machines can make all the difference. Our experience and expertise can help you have the greatest opportunity to earn money with slots in your establishment.
The Illinois Gaming Board reports on Illinois' slot machine revenue monthly. Use their monthly revenue reporting tool to search for revenue data within specific municipalities, statewide, or even at a specific gaming establishment. 

Breakdown of Net Terminal Income (NTI) 

Net Terminal Income (NTI): for every dollar that is put into the video gaming terminal, minus the credits paid out to a winner, the remaining money is split up as follows:


  • Fees .8513%
  • City 5%
  • State 29%
  • Terminal Operator 32.57435%
  • Establishment 32.57435%

This breakdown is determined by State law.


Fees to Become a Licensed Video Gaming Establishment in Illinois

  • $100 Application Fee
This fee is paid to the state upon submitting your application for a video game license.
  • $100 Annual Location License Fee
This fee is paid to the state, and it's required when you are initially licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board, and every subsequent year you renew your license.
  • $50 per VGT License Fee
This fee is also paid to the state. Each location may have up to 6 VGTs. The total charge is $100 per VGT, but as your Terminal Operator we pay the other half!  
  • Any Licensing Costs Required by Your Municipality 
Not all municipalities charge licensing costs, so check with the municipality where your establishment is located. 
  • Power for Machines
According to IGB regulations, Terminal Operators are unable to contribute to the cost of power for the slot machines.

How Will Accel Help?

  • Annual Application
Each of our establishments have a dedicated relationship manager to help them with their initial application, and their application each year after. Have a question? We're here to help!
  • Half of the $100 per VGT License Fee (paid to the State)
The Illinois Video Gaming industry is highly regulated, especially when it comes to Terminal Operators contributing money to locations. However, when we're legally able to help out, such as with paying half of this fee, we do.
  • City Licensing Costs
Not sure if your establishment is in a municipality that requires fees? Not to worry - our full time compliance team can provide guidance!

We also help with marketing, ensuring you receive timely new game releases, servicing and maintenance for your slot machines, and so much more.


Slot Machines Available in the Illinois Video Gaming Market

We offer a variety of the latest upright and slant top slot machines (also called video gaming terminals or VGTs) from WMS, Spielo, IGT, Bally and Novomatic. Our suite of products rivals any other Illinois Terminal Operator and is sure to keep your players coming back!
  • Each individual slot machine has a suite of different types of games, including poker and reel slot games.
  • Illinois slot games are developed specifically for the Illinois gaming market, but many of the same gaming titles can be found in casinos.
  • Upright slot machines are approximately 2.5' wide x 2’ deep x 5’ tall. Slant top slot machines vary in size.
  • 2 x 20 amp breakers @ 120 volts power all 5 slot machines and the cash redemption machine.
  • You can view more specifics about our equipment and the full list of slot machines available in the Illinois gaming market here.
  • We partner with NRT Tech for our redemption terminals, which we consider the most reliable in the industry.
  • We also offer amusements such as darts, pool, TouchTunes and a variety video games.

 Free Guide: 7 Steps to Become a Licensed Illinois Video Gaming Establishment

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