Pennsylvania Truck Stop Gaming

Learn how you can add video gaming to your PA truck stop

About PA Gaming

In 2017, a law was passed authorizing video gambling on slot machine terminals in truck stops throughout the state of Pennsylvania. 

If you meet all the requirements for adding video gaming to your business in Pennsylvania and you are located in a county that allows video gaming, you can apply for your video gaming license with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board right now. You will need to pay a fee associated with both the application and the license, as well as apply for any additional licenses that may be required by the municipality in which you are located.

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3 Acres

Must be located on at least 3 contiguous acres of property not owned by the Pennsylvania Turnpike


Must be equipped with a convenience store

Diesel Island

Must be equipped with diesel islands for fueling commercial motor vehicles


Must be able to accommodate at least 20 parking spaces for commercial motor vehicles


Must be a licensed PA Lottery Sales Agent

50K Diesel

Must sell at least 50,000 gallons of diesel or biodiesel per month on an annual basis.

If you meet all these requirements, and are located in a county that allows video gaming, you can apply for your video gaming license with our help!

How Accel Can Help

Accel is an industry leader of truck stop gaming in Illinois, servicing the top truck stop locations, and we’re excited to get rolling in a new market. In Illinois, on average, truck stops outperform all other gaming establishments by 134%.

If you want to apply, contact us to help. We're ready to do the following:

  • Assist truck stop establishments with the licensing process, providing legal guidance. 
  • Provide marketing and/or other support as regulations allow.
  • Share best practices on VGT placement, staff training, compliance and more!

Applications for establishments are now being accepted. Your PA Truck Stop might already qualify for slot machines!

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