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What to Do Thirty Days Before and After You Get Video Gaming

December 16, 2018

For many businesses, there is much anticipation leading up to getting video gaming in their establishment. Getting video gaming isn’t always an easy process, and once your machines are live you’re looking for them to pay out!

In order to ensure you’re successful as a gaming location, we recommend putting some effort into marketing your establishment as a gaming space.

30 Days Before

Add coming soon outdoor signage to alert passersby that you will soon offer gaming.

Put the final touches on your game room design. You probably already have plans for the flooring in your gaming room, but extra touches to enhance the space will be appreciated by your patrons.

Come up with a special to offer patrons to celebrate your grand opening! This doesn’t have to be one day, it could be a week, 30 days, or whatever you’d like. Make sure to promote it ahead of your grand opening.

Make sure your Google My Business listing includes the words ‘video gaming’, ‘slot machines’, ‘gaming room’, etc. This will ensure you show up when people are searching for a place to play on google or Google Maps. Don’t have a Google My Business listing? Maybe it’s time to set one  up! It’s also best practice to update your Facebook business description and any other space you occupy online.

Do you need to set up your Google My Business page? Click here to download our guide! Includes step by step instructions for listing your business on Yelp, Google My Business and Facebook Business Pages.

Train your staff to tend to your slot players. This isn’t exactly marketing-related, but it’s important to your success. Staff should give gamers space and privacy, but also try to get to know them. Additionally, staff should be trained to keep the gaming area nice and clean. There’s nothing worse than expensive, shiny machinery with trash all around.

Additionally, train your staff to card your gaming patrons and on what to do if a Video Gaming Terminal stops working. Again, not marketing-related, but needs to be said to ensure your location stays compliant with the law!

Make sure you have required signage indoors.

Prep for your slot machine go-live!

30 Days After

Your outdoor signage should start to change. Lose the ‘grand opening’ signage, but feel free to keep it up for some time after your first day – it’s best to make sure it’s seen by as many people as possible. Sometime during your first 30 days you can transition to other video gaming signage that’s more permanent – a neon in your window or other type of outdoor sign to show your slots are there to stay.

Download a cheat sheet of video gaming industry termsAlter your social media posts to regularly include mentions and promotions of video gaming. We know you’re already posting often to engage your customers and catch the eye of potential patrons. Consider how you can promote your slot machines on your Instagram  and Facebook. Coming up with what to post can sometimes present a challenge. Photos of your gaming room, photos of big cashout vouchers, or text posts encouraging patrons to come in and take a spin always work! Also, check out our blog about deciding what to post to promote your licensed gaming location on social media.

Spruce up your website to make sure you’re properly communicating all the detail you can about how awesome your gaming room is!

Stay involved in the Video Gaming Industry by getting to know its various associations and staying up to date on gaming-related news. 

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