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What You Need to Know About Your Slot Machine Go-Live Appointment

April 21, 2018

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for – the day when your machines are powered up and ready to entertain your customers! It’s probably been a long journey to get to this point. You made the business decision to get video slots in your establishment, you researched and signed on with a Terminal Operator, you filled out TONS of paperwork, submitted a background check, went through the IGB inspection, got licensed, had the machines installed…WHEW (cue Coldplay’s “Nobody Said It Was Easy”). In all seriousness, Accel strives to make this process as painless as possible and makes sure all of the boxes are checked once you’re ready to turn the power switch to ON.

Here are a few things to expect on your go-live day, and some possible delays that could occur (we want to make sure you’re fully prepared!).

  • Video Gaming Manager and/or Owner(s): The Illinois Gaming Board (“IGB”) may request that owners and anyone else involved in the business (who were listed on the application for the gaming license) be present at the go-live.  However, more commonly, as long as the Video Gaming Manager is present, he or she can handle the process from the Location’s standpoint.
  • Accel Relationship Manager:  Your Relationship Manager will be there to coordinate any outstanding paperwork and make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Accel Technician:  A licensed technician will prep the VGTs, ensure software and settings such as screen brightness and max volume are calibrated correctly.  The technician also assists with IGB Agent (see below) with a “coin test” on the VGTs.
  • Illinois Gaming Board Agent:  The IGB Agent will be there to ensure the gaming area is compliant, the paperwork is complete, the system is working correctly and will make the determination if the machines can be turned on.
  • Scientific Games Service Technician:  Scientific Games is the entity that provides the central communications system which monitors every VGT in the State.  They will physically be present at your go-live, and a technician will also be on the phone with the IGB Agent.
Download a cheat sheet of video gaming industry termsAppointment Time

Your appointment is determined by how many other locations will be going live that week. The appointments are only made one week ahead of time, and dates/times are subject to change. The appointment usually takes about two hours total.

What’s the Process?

Your Relationship Manager will arrive prior to the appointment to make sure everything is in order for the IGB Agent. He or she will go through any additional paperwork that needs to be signed and make sure the correct signage is displayed and stanchions are in place (if needed). They will be there to mitigate any issues that may arise during this time.

Scientific Games will ensure the machines are working properly and connected to the redemption terminal (used by players to redeem a voucher for payment of cash, which can also serve a dual purpose as an ATM machine). 

Once the entire system is tested, the IGB Agent gives the green light to put the slot machines in live mode. This means that they are ready for customers to start playing. The machines will be enabled during your legal liquor pouring hours and disabled (but not turned off) during the time your liquor license does not allow you to pour.

Avoid the Unexpected

Our #1 goal as a Terminal Operator is to make the process of obtaining and maintaining VGTs seamless. However, there are times when a go-live is delayed. In full transparency, here are some reasons your go-live could be delayed (and motivation to make sure everything is in place prior to your appointment!):

  • A delay experienced during the go-live appointment prior to yours in the day
  • An error in last minute paperwork
  • Expired licenses (state liquor license, local liquor license, etc.)
  • Missing required signage (Who Should I Call, Under 21)
  • Gaming area not segregated (if location allows minors)
  • Machine malfunction (very rare)
  • Fees left unpaid (IGB license fee and any Municipal fee requirements)

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into the day your machines are officially live and ready for play!


Are you looking to start a slot machine business?  Click here for a full guide!

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