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Prepare for Rosemont's Video Gaming Expansion with Accel Entertainment

March 18, 2020

Rosemont residents voted on Tuesday to overturn the village's long-standing ban on video gambling. After the votes were cast, unofficial results pointed to an overwhelming positive response to the video gaming advisory referendum. According to the Daily Herald, out of all four precincts reporting, 553 voters were in favor of adding video gaming terminals to the town versus 218 voters who opposed the measure.

So what's the next step for video gaming in Rosemont? Next, the city council will need to approve to add video gaming to the city at an upcoming council meeting.

At Accel Entertainment, we are excited to help businesses in Rosemont take advantage of this new video gaming expansion. We’ve previously written about the advantages to municipalities from adding video gaming, and we’re glad Rosemont is getting on board!

As Illinois’ largest video gaming provider, we can assist your business needs on many levels. Whether it’s providing you the best marketing materials available to increase your visibility, running exciting promotions such as our current Mind Blowing Giveaway, providing informational guidance on gaming compliance related materials, or assigning your location its own Relationship Manager, we are here to assist with your all areas of your business, not just video gaming.

If you own a business in Rosemont looking to add video gaming or have any questions about the new changes to the industry, give us a call today or leave a comment in the section below.

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