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Gems From Our Archive January 2019: Compliance Round Up

January 26, 2019

Happy January! Winter in Illinois can be quite dreary and slow, so we’ve got just the thing to perk you up – compliance! While it may not be the most exciting topic (sorry if you’re reading this, compliance team), it is the most important. At Accel, we value our gaming license above everything else. After all, without that we wouldn’t have a business. If you currently have gaming in your establishment, we hope you treat your gaming license with as high a level of protection as we do. To help with that, this month’s list of Gems from Our Archive features blogs that deal with compliance. These blogs are especially important for establishments who already have gaming in their establishment. Let’s kick it off!

Top 5 Tips to Avoid IGB Fines

Keeping your record pristine will not only protect your gaming license, it’ll also protect you from having to pay hefty fines to the IGB. No one wants to do that!

Renewing Your Illinois Liquor License

We know that renewing your liquor license can be confusing, but we have the perfect blog to help you! Find out more about the steps and processes of renewing your Illinois Liquor License. 

Illinois Raffle Laws: What You Need to Know about the Raffle and Poker Run Act

There are laws regarding raffles that pertain to all establishments in Illinois, not just those with video gaming terminals. However, establishments with gaming can tend to have a spotlight on them, meaning infractions are more likely to be noticed. All the more reason to know all the laws associated with games of chance.

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A Sign of the Times: Signage Requirements for Licensed Illinois Gaming Locations

This blog lists all of the types of signs you must display in your video gaming establishment. If there’s an issue with your signs, you might be looking at fines or loss of your license. This (sometimes) slower time of year might be the perfect time to open this blog and run down the list, checking off to make sure you have all of these signs clearly displayed.

Department of Justice Registration for Gambling: What You Need to Know

A DOJ registration is one of the steps involved with becoming a licensed establishment in Illinois, and something you’ll need to renew yearly. Since renewing your registration happens at the end of the year, you likely just went through this process. No time like the present to make sure this is added to your 2019 calendar!

Help! It’s Time to Renew My Illinois Video Gaming License

Another yearly task! This blog walks you through the process of renewing your license. While you’re marking your DOJ reminder on your calendar, why not mark down a reminder for when you’ll need to renew your gaming license as well!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… What You Need to Tell Your Slot Provider

It’s inevitable your business will face changes, and it’s imperative that you report necessary changes to your slot provider (that’s us!) so that they can ultimately be reported to the Illinois Gaming Board. Review this list, and make sure your employees review it too, to avoid a fine or revocation of your license.

How to Ensure Your Bar and Gaming Patrons are Over 21

Underage patrons found either gaming or consuming alcohol on your premises can lead to fines and/or the loss of your license. You should take any measures necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen in your establishment. This blog will help!

Do you have a question about keeping your Illinois gaming establishment compliant? Leave it in the comments, and we’ll try to address it in a future blog!

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