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The Benefits of Relationship Managers to a Video Gaming Business

September 13, 2019

Marketing mogul and best-selling business author Scott Stratten once wrote, “If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.” This advice is some of the most indispensable advice we can share with our business partners – and it is something that Accel Entertainment tries to share with its employees as well.

What truly sets Accel Entertainment apart from other terminal operators in the state of Illinois is our dedicated Relationship Managers. Relationship Managers are industry professionals assigned to each of our partner businesses as their primary point of contact. They work hand-in-hand with our establishment owners to truly optimize their gaming revenue – along with optimizing other parts of their business!

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Relationship Managers Help You Stay Compliant with Regulations

Accel’s Relationship Managers are all trained industry professionals with access to years of gaming expertise. When it comes to municipal regulations, there is no greater source of knowledge than an Accel Relationship Manager (except maybe for our in-house compliance team!). Our Relationship Managers ensure that all your licensing and filings are current, up-to-date, and in accordance with both state and local regulations.

Relationship Managers Are Your Video Gaming Marketing Experts

Another thing that sets Accel Relationship Mangers apart from competitor account managers is their access to high-quality marketing direction and promotional strategies. All Accel’s Relationship Managers work directly with our in-house marketing team to develop the best marketing strategies for your individual business. Whether its getting you the best promotional materials, updating your video gaming signage , or developing a new promotion or giveaway for your business, your dedicated Relationship Manager will continually evaluate your marketing strategy and make recommendations to continue to grow your foot traffic.

Relationship Managers Will Help Optimize Your Video Gaming Revenue

This is the most important element of a Relationship Manager’s job and it definitely covers the most ground. This part of the job entails just about anything that helps business owners maximize revenue and attract as many patrons as possible. This includes a wide variety of things including training programs and materials for staff on roles and responsibilities related to video gaming. Because our Relationship Managers are industry experts, they are the perfect person to help train your staff on the ins and outs of the Illinois video gaming industry. Our Accel Relationship Managers also present each of our business partners with a quarterly analysis of your business’ gaming performance against the competitions in your local market. They also work closely with Accel Entertainment’s Data Team to closely monitor and track industry trends – and inform our partners on how new trends may affect their business.

Hopefully after this blog you will understand when we say that a good relationship with your terminal operator can make or break a video gaming business. Want to see one of our Relationship Managers in action? Check out this video following one of our Relationship Managers, Paulette through a typical day!

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