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Tips from the Marketing Team: How to Promote Gaming at Your Establishment

October 27, 2020

Here in Accel Entertainment’s Marketing Department, we like to consider ourselves quasi-experts at promoting video gaming. Check out some of our best tips for how to promote video gaming at your gaming establishment!

Social Media Is Key

Whether you consider yourself a social media expert or not, the No. 1 tip we can give you is to start including video gaming on your establishment’s social media accounts. Social media is one of the best ways for new customers to discover your brand and decide to pay you a visit. Plus, by keeping engaged and up to date with your existing customers on social media, you can help increase customer retention.

Here at Accel Marketing, we have plenty of resources for you if you are looking to add video gaming to your social media. First off, we have a Social Media Marketing Starter Pack if you are new to all things social media. This guide will give you the pros and cons of different social media platforms and how to post to engage your customers.

If you already have active social media accounts, please check out our free downloadable Play Slots graphics to start including in your regular posting schedule. You can download over 15 different graphics here!

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Host Video Gaming Promotions

We’ve written about this before (How to Promote Your Video Gaming Grand Opening), but hosting video gaming promotions can help increase your regular video gaming players. These can be big promotions like cash giveaways, or simple promotions like handing out free keychains or koozies to slot players every day. Here at Accel we love to collaborate with our establishments to run promotional giveaways.

And if you want help promoting your new promotion on social media, check out our other blog post: Showcasing Your Promotions on Social Media.

Using Physical Signage

Our last big piece of advice for you guys is to add physical signage to promote video gaming in your establishment. Accel's Marketing Team works on many outdoor signage projects, along with Accel locations, to add slot-focused promotions to their marketing. We can help locations with creating all types of outdoor signage — from banners to A-frames and from backlit signs to window decals. By adding these physical pieces of signage to your establishment, it will become apparent to any passerby that your establishment offers quality video gaming. You can check out more about Accel’s outdoor signage in our blog post: Traditional Marketing: Outdoor Signage.

Accel’s Marketing Team is dedicated to providing value and service that exceeds the expectations of our partners. Our goal is to increase customer loyalty and strengthen brand awareness for our partner locations every day through a variety of intuitive marketing initiatives. You can trust us when we say we know a thing or two about advertising video gaming in licensed gaming establishments!

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