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How to Promote Your Video Gaming Grand Opening

March 21, 2019

If you’re adding slot machines to your business, you may want to consider throwing a grand opening event. Not only will a video gaming grand opening excite your customers, it can also entice new patrons to visit your business.

There are a variety of ways to promote your new slot machines. One tried and true method is to invest in outdoor signage. According to a survey done by FedEx Office, 76% of American customers enter a business they’ve never entered before based on the outdoor signage. If you want to learn more about  advertising through outdoor signage you can read this blog written by one of our own marketing specialists.

Download Your Online Marketing Basics Guide - Google, Yelp, FacebookAnother way to promote your video gaming grand opening is to promote your establishment heavily on social media. If your business is already well established on social media, you may only need to make small adjustments to your regular posting schedule. Around the time of your video gaming grand opening, be sure to mention the addition of your new slot machines in your usual posts on whatever social media channels you use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). If you are looking for free video gaming graphics to include in your posts check out Accel Entertainment’s Facebook!

If you are new to social media and are unsure how to go about optimizing your posts, don’t worry! Check out our Guide to Online Marketing Basics to help you get started with promoting your business online.

Download a cheat sheet of video gaming industry termsFinally, once you have promoted your video gaming grand opening and gotten customers into your establishment, it is important to entice the customers to keep returning to your business. An easy way to do this is to give out free swag for customers who are playing your new slot machines. Accel has a variety of products that can be used as giveaway swag, including beer koozies, coasters, and keychains. If you are already an Accel partner, talk to your Relationship Manager about how to get ahold of these promotional materials. Or, read this blog about how to incorporate traditional marketing materials into your business.

If you want to get your current customers to try out your new machines, consider offering them small incentives to play. Some establishments offer match-play coupons up to a certain amount. Therefore, if your customer wants to play $10 on the machines, consider matching their play amount and offering them $10 on the house as a grand opening special promotion. The amount you offer could vary, and you could consider offering match play during the first day, or even month, that your slot machines are live.

There are a ton of ways to promote this free play giveaway. Make sure to mention the giveaway all across your active social media platforms to keep your online customer base informed. You can also create in-house promotions through small table tents or posters inside your location. By holding this promotion for a month or so, you can get your customers excited for video gaming and the changes it will bring to your location. If you want to go the extra mile, hold a video gaming party on the last day of the promotion. Have promotional materials like koozies or t-shirts to give out to customers who try out your machines on that day. The best way to entice your current customers into becoming video gaming customers is to try and get them just as excited about video gaming as you are!

Are you excited about your new video gaming machines? Let us know how your video gaming grand opening went!




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