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Showcasing Your Promotions on Social Media

September 11, 2019

Promotions in your establishment are a great way to get people in the door and drive foot traffic to your business. If you are looking for inspiration, our friends over at Toast put together an awesome list of 10 Promotion Ideas You’ll Wish You Had Thought Of. Whether you are still working out an idea for your promotion, or you are well under way to hosting a great event, here are some ideas to help you boost your promotion online to help encourage traffic to your location.

Post About Your Event Online

This might seem like an obvious one, but make sure you are posting about your event regularly and using all potential routes to help draw awareness to your promotion. Create headers for your event and update any existing social media platforms to include your upcoming event. When posting about your event, be sure to use visuals in your posts to improve engagement!

When appropriate, share relevant details in the time leading up to the event. Teasers help build up the hype and can also provide your audience members with useful information. Some great teasers are behind-the-scenes content of the planning process.

Share Behind-the-Scenes Visual Content

Sharing behind-the-scenes content helps humanize your business and drives intrigue about your event and upcoming promotion. Give a glimpse into the exciting (and sometimes chaotic) experience of hosting an event by sharing images and videos of the on-going preparations. You can post this content on the Facebook event page AND across your normal social media accounts.

Create a Facebook Event PageNew call-to-action

When hosting an event at your location, the best way to connect with people online and make it easy for them to keep up with event updates is by creating an event page listing. When creating your event page, be specific about location, time, and category so Facebook can help promote your event. If this is your first time creating an event page, Facebook has awesome how-to’s on their Help page.

As the big day approaches, don’t forget to send out reminders to encourage people to RSVP on your event page and share with friends. Post topics including planned activities, photos, sponsors, schedule of events, and anything else that is relevant.

Use Facebook Ads to Market and Boost Attendance

Facebook ads continues to grow as a lucrative ad platform for small business owners and is an excellent choice when hosting a promotion. When it comes to sharing about your promotion, there are a few different routes you could choose.

One option would be to boost your Facebook event page with Facebook ads. When boosting your event, you can choose the “Engagement” objective, and then choose to optimize for “Event Responses.”

Another option is to Boost the event directly from the event page, which works a lot like a Sponsored Post on your page.

Review the Success of Your Tactics

Using social media marketing tactics makes it easier than ever to boost attendance at your next event, no matter what type of event it is. When your event is over, go through the analytics of your social media accounts. Review which promotional items performed well. Also review the costs of boosted posts and Facebook ads. The insights you gain from your social media tactics will inform how you develop your social media strategy for future events

Accel Entertainment has a variety of tactics to help make sure your event is a success, from social media marketing and beyond. Contact us today to see what kind of marketing we offer to help your establishment!

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