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Gems from Our Archive, July 2019: Entertainment in Your Establishment

July 18, 2019

Every month, The Winning Ticket tries to round up some of our favorite blogs on a specific subject. This month, we want to highlight some of the best ways to introduce more entertainment to your establishment. From music, to bags tournaments, to dart leagues, these tips and tricks can help boost your establishment’s entertainment value this summer!

How TouchTunes Can Positively Impact Your Business

A good neighborhood bar can be hard to find. It’s a place that brings people together. The spot where folks go to unwind with friends after a long day of work. Music is a huge part of setting the atmosphere for laid back fun. Familiar tunes make people feel comfortable and can also be a revenue boost for your business!

How to Host a Bags Tournament at Your Video Gaming Establishment

Nothing can gather a large, thirsty crowd in your establishment faster than good old-fashioned competition.  An increasingly popular game for customers of all ages is bags – a.k.a. cornhole. Hosting a bags tournament is a great way to create a buzz about your place, especially if you make it a regular event.

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How to Start a Dart League at Your Bar

Allow your establishment to take flight with darts! Don’t know how to start a dart league? It may not be as hard as hitting double-bulls eye. In this blog, we’ll help you understand what dart leagues are and how they work. Successful dart leagues can help increase foot traffic and also build brand loyalty between you and your customers. They can also attract new faces to your establishment!

Increase Foot Traffic by Hosting a Trivia Night in Your Establishment

How many furlongs are in a mile? What is the world’s largest volcano? Deimos orbits what planet of the solar system? Which small guitar associated with George Formby was patented in Hawaii in 1917?

Catch you off guard? It’s okay if you didn’t know some of the answers, trivia is mainly about fun. Hosting a trivia night is a great way to draw in visitors to your location, and keep them coming back. Schedule a trivia night on a regular, consistent date. If you find that it’s drawing quite the crowd, consider making it a weekly event!

Three Ways to Use Amusements at Your Bar

Whether they’re timeless classics like dart boards and pool tables or newer, technology-driven diversions like sports arcade games and jukeboxes connected to mobile apps, amusements can increase foot traffic and keep patrons coming back to your bar. However, when other establishments essentially have access to the same amusements, how can you differentiate what your business offers?