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Increase Foot Traffic by Hosting a Trivia Night in Your Establishment

November 3, 2017

How many furlongs are in a mile? What is the world’s largest volcano? Deimos orbits what planet of the solar system? Which small guitar associated with George Formby was patented in Hawaii in 1917?

Catch you off guard? It’s okay if you didn’t know some of the answers, trivia is mainly about fun. Hosting a trivia night is a great way to draw in visitors to your location, and keep them coming back. Schedule a trivia night on a regular, consistent date. If you find that it’s drawing quite the crowd, consider making it a weekly event!

Hosting fun events such as trivia also helps garner attention online. Many blogs and news sources, even the Chicago Tribune, publish lists of nightlife activities. Trivia could be your ticket to get noticed by a larger audience, and increase crowds for future events.

Well known trivia nights, or as some call them, pub quizzes, take place across the US.  Some have established followings that are huge and dedicated to attending their events. For instance, Geeks Who Drink is a trivia company that allows business owners to hire their contractors, often local personalities that know how to draw a crowd, to host events at local establishments. If you’re worried about getting the word out and having a successful trivia night, hiring out can be a great way to ensure quick success.

It’s totally possible to start from scratch too! The key is promotion. Does your business have a Facebook page? It should; you can promote your events for free by utilizing Facebook events. Make sure to allow guests to invite their friends, and watch your list of attendees grow!

Download Online Marketing Basics Guide - Google, Yelp, FacebookBe forewarned, some of the folks that say they are attending online may not show, but having some idea of head count will allow you to plan in advance and keep the bar stocked. There will also be walk in folks that see that your establishment is busy, and pop in to see what’s going on.

Consider having specials on the night of the event, such as a house punch or a signature appetizer in order to entice your guests to attend. Having a trivia night on a typically slow evening, such as a weeknight, can be a way to spike sales and increase revenue.

If your night becomes successful, you can expect folks to show up early to have a few drinks before the night starts. The trivia crowd tends to be a social one, and they like to drink, eat, and mingle together. Some people will also stay late to chat with friends at the close of the evening. By adding a trivia night to your establishment, you find a devoted group of people to spend extra money at your establishment on an otherwise average day. Hosting events is simply another way to promote your business, and done correctly, leads to direct financial gain.

Plan a trivia night for next month, and let us know how it goes!


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