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How TouchTunes Can Positively Impact Your Business

January 20, 2018

Low lights cast moody shadows against frosted pint glasses. A friendly bartender cracks jokes while old friends clink drinks together, their laughter and chatter mingling with the sound of familiar jukebox hits. This is the nostalgic sort of imagery that comes to mind when one thinks of their favorite neighborhood bar.         

It’s a place that brings people together. The spot where folks go to unwind with friends after a long day of work. Music is a huge part of setting the atmosphere for laid back fun. Familiar tunes make people feel comfortable and can also be a revenue boost for your business!

The concept of the jukebox has come a long way since its inception in the late 1800s-early 1900s. The machine came about as an evolution on the idea of the phonograph, and eventually grew into the recognizable ‘classic’ jukebox we all know and love.

Download 7 Steps to Becoming a Licensed Illinois Video Gaming EstablishmentOne hallmark of the jukebox is its collection of music. Of course, before the era of digital music, a jukebox would have a collection of records within (or later, CDs), all neatly catalogued and coded. This put a limit on the amount of songs that could feasibly be stored within the machines, as the collection of music took up physical space. 

Not so today! New technology has completely reshaped the possibilities. A digital TouchTunes jukebox can access a nearly infinite bank of music from a wide variety of genres. But storing tons of music isn’t all that these “smart jukeboxes” can do!       

TouchTunes utilizes new technology to modernize the concept of the jukebox. Users can scroll through the songs on an app on their phone and pay to play their favorites without having to leave their seat at the bar. The machine even comes equipped with a camera where guests can pose for photo booth style pictures together. ‘  

Gone are the days of having to fish quarters out of your pockets, or smooth out wrinkled dollar bills in order to play a song. TouchTunes is compatible with major credit and debit cards (it does take paper money, too!). Guests can pay to queue up a bunch of songs at once, or for an extra fee, “skip” the queue altogether and hear their song come up faster.

Download this guide to gaming revenueYour business doesn’t have to deal with licensing fees for the music, or maintenance of the machines. Compare that kind of service to vintage jukeboxes, which often aren’t even produced anymore and require expensive maintenance due to age. . . the choice is obvious.


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