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Gems from Our Archive, September 2019: Getting Started with Facebook

September 17, 2019

Every month, The Winning Ticket™ tries to round up some of our favorite blogs on a specific subject. This month, we want to show our players how to get started on Facebook. Facebook can be a very useful tool when it comes to promoting your video gaming business. Check out these blogs to learn how to best utilize your Facebook account for your slot machine business!

Facebook for Business 101: Getting Started with a Business Page

If you’re not already familiar with Facebook, it’s a social media website that was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Facebook has evolved since the years when it was primarily a social networking tool to become one of the most effective marketing tools for businesses.

Managing Your Business’s Facebook Account When You Have Slot Machines

Whether you’ve had a Facebook page for your Illinois video gaming business for years, or you still haven’t gotten around to making one, there are some common oversights we’ve noticed while checking out some local slot machine location's social media.

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How to Create a Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are a relatively inexpensive way for your business to reach many potential customers. A major benefit of Facebook advertising is its ability to reach your exact audience. Facebook presents businesses with the opportunity to get their message across to certain target demographics efficiently, meaning you’ll be paying for ads to be seen by people that already have interest in your type of establishment on and offline.

Four Steps to a Successful Facebook Strategy for Your Bar

The broad accessibility of Facebook leaves many businesses vying for user attention which can only mean one thing – competition is tough! Don’t let this stop you from hitting your mark. It’s still possible to reach your targeted demographic and see the lasting impact it’ll have on your small business. How? Use these tips as your guidelines.

Facebook Metrics: Are Your Efforts Paying Off?

It is critical for businesses who use Facebook for advertising or marketing to analyze their social media metrics. Facebook currently offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly metrics for business pages of all the social media platforms.

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