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Gems from Our Archive, October 2019: The First Steps to Starting a Video Gaming Business

October 15, 2019

Every month, The Winning Ticket tries to round up some of our favorite blogs on a specific subject. This month, we are laying out the first steps to starting a video gaming business from scratch. Check out the blogs below for more useful information!

How to Start a Video Gaming Business From Scratch

First, we will start off with a simple overview of everything you need to know before even considering starting a video gaming business from the ground up. To help you navigate this process, Accel Entertainment tapped into its internal experts to put together a guide that lays out many of the key steps involved in creating a successful video gaming business from the ground up.

What Kinds of Licensed Video Gaming Locations Operate in Illinois?

Once you’ve decided you are set on opening a video gaming establishment, you need to decide what kind of video gaming establishment you will operate as. Here’s an overview of the four types of licensed establishments legally allowed to operate in the state of Illinois, as laid out in the Video Gaming Act.

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What Should You Look For in a Terminal Operator?

At this point, you’ve probably already done some research to see if video gaming is right for your business. The next major step (once you’ve decided you want video slot machines) is finding a Terminal Operator (“T.O.”) that meets (and hopefully exceeds) your needs. This is an imperative step in getting slot machines. Here’s some information that will be helpful in your search.

How to Get a Liquor License in Illinois

Your next step to video gaming success is to apply for your local and state liquor licenses. Getting a license to serve liquor in the state of Illinois can seem rather overwhelming, but with a little advance research and preparation, it can be a straightforward process. 

How to Get a Video Gaming License in Illinois

Now that you have your liquor licenses (both sate and local), you need to focus on obtaining your video gaming license. There are quite a few qualifications and steps involved in getting a gaming license in Illinois. Check out this blog for tips on how to apply for an Illinois video gaming license.

4 Ways a Business Can Make the Most of a Video Gaming Area

Finally, before you open your new video gaming establishment to the public you need to design your space! Check out this blog on how to best utilize the gaming area of your business and optimize your gaming area for peak player comfort.

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