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How to Get a Video Gaming License in Illinois

December 28, 2017

There are quite a few qualifications and steps involved in getting a gaming license in Illinois. You’ll find a few tips below to get you started.

How to apply for a license through the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB):

Make sure you are located in a municipality that allows video gaming. 

Not sure if you are? You can check here: Municipalities Prohibiting Gaming.

Download our guide to see the 7 questions you should ask to see if gaming is right for your establishmentYou must be one of the types of licensed video gaming locations which are allowed to operate in Illinois.

Check out descriptions of the different kinds of locations here.

Unless you qualify as a truck stop, your establishment must have an on-premise liquor license in order to become a licensed gaming establishment, which means that you serve alcohol for consumption on the premises of your location

Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide on how to get a liquor license.

The online application for an IGB license is a fairly involved process. It has 10 parts in all, and certain personal documents will have to be signed, scanned, and uploaded for inclusion in the submission.

Here’s a link to the online application: https://www.igb.illinois.gov/vla/.

When you submit your application, you’ll be consenting to an extensive background check for you (if you’re an owner or key employee), along with any other co-owners and, potentially, many management employees. The background check can result in disqualification of your application if it reveals, among several factors, an extensive criminal record, certain types of convictions, or questionable business associations of any of the owners or key employees being reviewed.

Learn what’s involved in a background check for the Illinois Gaming Board.

Becoming a licensed video gaming establishment in Illinois requires an investment of effort and planning. There are several regulatory and technical tasks to complete in order to get from your initial idea to operating video gaming terminals (VGTs) at your location.

It can all seem daunting at first, but Accel Entertainment is here to help. This guide outlines seven easy-to-understand steps you’ll need to take to obtain your IGB license and become an authorized video gaming location. Or check out our easy to understand information in Starting a Slot Machine Business.

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