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Gems from Our Archive, June 2019: Opening Your New Video Gaming Business

June 13, 2019

If you are an avid follower of our blog, then you know that every month we do a round up of some of our favorite blogs about a specific topic. This month, we are focusing on tips and tricks that can be helpful when you are opening a new video gaming business. Whether you are just starting in the Illinois video gaming industry or if you are looking to open new franchise location, these blogs can help you navigate the process of opening a slot machine establishment.

What’s Involved in a Background Check for the Illinois Gaming Board?

As a part of applying for your Illinois gaming license, you’ll have to undergo a background check. According to the Video Gaming Act, each person seeking a license from the Illinois Gaming Board (“IGB”) must submit to a background investigation.  The investigation will include a number of different people and entities in your ownership structure, depending on how your location’s ownership is held.  Until the IGB is satisfied that an applicant has successfully passed a background investigation, it will not issue a license.

Sign of the Times: Signage Requirements for Illinois Gaming Locations

When setting up a video gaming area in your licensed establishment, one simple yet important detail to remember is to display a handful of signs required by various regulations. These can essentially be divided into two categories: signs that are specific to video gaming, and signs that aren’t. Here’s a breakdown of both.

Preventative Maintenance: What Video Gaming Locations Need to Know

When you’re looking for a Terminal Operator, if anyone tells you their video gaming terminals (or VGTs) ALWAYS run smoothly and NEVER break down, that should raise big red flags. These are machines and, no matter how finely they’re engineered, machines break down. The key, then, isn’t to have VGTs that function flawlessly all the time, but to minimize the problems that can arise through preventative maintenance.

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What to Do Thirty Days Before and After You Get Video Gaming

For many businesses, there is much anticipation leading up to getting video gaming in their establishment. Getting video gaming isn’t always an easy process, and once your machines are live you’re looking for them to pay out! In order to ensure you’re successful as a gaming location, we recommend putting some effort into marketing your establishment as a gaming space. Here are some tips for what you should focus on first.

What You Need to Know About Your Slot Machine Go-Live Appointment

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for – the day when your machines are powered up and ready to entertain your customers! It’s probably been a long journey to get to this point. You made the business decision to get video slots in your establishment, you researched and signed on with a Terminal Operator, you filled out TONS of paperwork, submitted a background check, went through the IGB inspection, got licensed, had the machines installed…WHEW. In all seriousness, Accel strives to make this process as painless as possible and makes sure all of the boxes are checked once you’re ready to turn the power switch to ON. Here are a few things to expect on your go-live day, and some possible delays that could occur (we want to make sure you’re fully prepared!).

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