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Top Five Tips to Avoid IGB Fines

November 10, 2017

Your location’s gaming license should be treated as one of its most important assets.  It deserves the highest priority attention and you should be doing everything you can to protect it from fines, or even worse, revocation.  The Accel Entertainment team has years of experience in seeing the common mistakes to avoid in order to keep your record pristine.

One way that Accel Entertainment helps our clients is by providing a well-organized binder that holds copies of all of your licenses, registrations and permits. We also keep track of your impending renewal deadlines and alert you, building in enough lead time to ensure your licenses are always current. (Renewing your state liquor license is now easily done online via MyTax.Illinois.gov and completed within 48 hours of your renewal application.) Here are our tips for remaining compliant:

Location, location, location. You must have a separate area for your 21-and-over gamers. If your location admits minors under the age of 21, the gaming area must be corded off with stanchions, or located in a separate room.

What’s your sign? Your location should feature an obvious sign that announces the gaming area is for persons aged 21 and over. Additionally, you must have your “Who Do I Call” sign posted within 15 feet of your video gaming terminals (VGTs) that is always visible to the people playing. Accel Entertainment provides our clients with signage.

I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me. Ensure your gaming area is within the sight line of a responsible, over-21 employee in your establishment during business hours. We typically find the bartenders are good choices for employees who are of age, who can clearly see the gaming area, and who can be tasked with keeping an eye on who enters the area.

New call-to-actionYou look young: Ensure that only patrons over 21 years of age enter your gaming area.  Inquire about and verify the age of a patron (i.e. check IDs) if you suspect that the individual is under the age of 21.

Put the brakes on broken machines. The moment any machine goes down, call Accel Entertainment’s service center. We will be there -- usually within a couple of hours -- unless we need an IGB agent on site assist with the repair.

Safeguard your circuits. Your VGTs must be on their own dedicated electrical circuit so there is never a disruption in power. They need to be plugged into outlets that will never be exposed, so customers have no access to turning them off.

Always feel free to talk with your dedicated Accel Entertainment representative about any questions you may have on compliance issues. We highly recommend you checking out the complete list of Illinois Gaming Board compliance rules and regulations.


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