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Marketing Your Illinois Business

Gems from Our Archive, February 2020: Sign of the Times

February 14, 2020

Every month, The Winning Ticket rounds up some of our favorite blogs from the Accel Entertainment Archives. This month, we’re focusing on how to use signage to your greatest advantage.

Traditional Marketing in Your Bar: Outdoor Signage

Not sure where to get started on your marketing for your new Illinois video gaming business? Start with something traditional and straight-forward like outdoor signage. In this blog, written by one of our Accel marketing coordinators, we go in-depth about what kind of signage works best at video gaming locations. Plus, we give an overview of how Accel Entertainment helps our partner establishments with their outdoor signage ventures.


Signage Requirements for Illinois Gaming Locations

Signage isn’t only a great marketing tool – the law also requires it in the state of Illinois. When setting up a video gaming area in your licensed establishment, one simple yet important detail to remember is to display a handful of signs required by various regulations. These can essentially be divided into two categories: signs that are specific to video gaming, and signs that aren’t. Check out this informative blog for a breakdown of both categories.

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How Exterior Appearance Affects Foot Traffic

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Don’t worry, we all have. There is something about the exterior of something that draws you in to see what’s inside. Something that leaves you curious and excited to see what magical mystery lies within.  If you think this curiosity ends with books, you’re wrong. This phenomenon can extend to food, entertainment, and even people; but, most importantly, it can extend to business – including your business.


Advertising in Your Bathroom

One of the main reasons that signage in your bathroom is such a boon for in-house advertising is because you have a captive audience. It’s weird to think about, but it is true! When customers are in the bathroom, they have a very limited amount of entertainment (outside of their smartphones). By pasting advertisements for drink specials, promotions, or upcoming events on the inside of bathroom stalls, near hand dryers, or above bathroom sinks you can maximize eyes on the ads themselves.

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