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Do More with Your Front Door: How Exterior Appearance Affects Foot Traffic

August 8, 2019

Have you ever judged a book by its cover? Don’t worry, we all have. There is something about the exterior of something that draws you in to see what’s inside. Something that leaves you curious and excited to see what magical mystery lies within.  If you think this curiosity ends with books, you’re wrong. This phenomenon can extend to food, entertainment, and even people; but, most importantly, it can extend to business – including your business.

New call-to-actionIf you’re a business owner, take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the outside of your location. If you didn’t know what was behind your front door, would you be excited to check it out? Or bored by what you see and ready to keep walking or driving down the street looking for something more interesting? Marketing your business doesn’t stop until your customer’s feet are through that (fabulous) door.

So what marketing techniques can you take to enhance the exterior of your establishment?  

Well, at the very least your business should be clean and attractive. No one is going to want to see what’s inside of a worn out, poorly kept location. But more importantly, you need to make your business social media worthy! If customers are attracted to your business, not only will they come inside but they will also post your aesthetically appealing additions on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook for all their friends to see. And boom. Your customers are now your marketers. The nirvana of business.

But, how can you take it a step further to maximize the amount of people walking through the door? And how can we ensure that these people not only become your customers, but also your biggest fans?

A great way to draw people in is with window decals and flags surrounding your business. A big tip with these kind of marketing methods is to stay consistent with the theme of your restaurant and to advertise very clearly to consumers what you are trying to convey. With this kind of marketing, however, too much can sometimes be a bad thing. Don’t make the exterior of your business too busy or you might end up doing the opposite of what you wanted and driving customers away.

Now, you may wonder, what is so important about the front door? Simply put, the customer experience at your establishment both begins and ends at the front door. Starting on a good note will help in ensuring that the entirety of this experience is pleasant and that they walk in with a smile on their face and leave with an even bigger one.

This is exactly why the visual appeal of your business is essential to effective marketing. The way your business looks will directly affect the mood of your customer as they walk inside. A welcoming exterior will both bring customers into your location as well as put them in a good mood.  

Good mood = happy customers = more purchases = smoother running business

So there you have it, a better looking business front will help your business run smoother. Let your customers see the best and your business will handle the rest.





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