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Video Gaming Explained: Gaming in Georgia

November 14, 2019

ost of the information you’ll find on The Winning Ticket and here on accelentertainment.com concerns video gaming in Illinois, but many other states have regulated gaming (although it can look somewhat different). While Accel Entertainment primarily operates in Illinois, we are expanding in other jurisdictions and are knowledgeable about a variety of gaming markets.  In this blog, we will discuss how video gaming works in the State of Georgia.

In Georgia, licensed businesses are allowed to operate Class B Coin Operated Amusement Machines, also known as “COAMs.” Qualifying Georgia businesses can apply for a license to have up to nine COAMs (although some municipalities in the state limit businesses to six).

COAMs are similar to traditional slot machines, but players cannot win money on the machines. Instead, they receive vouchers that can be used to purchase products in the establishment where the COAM is located. These vouchers cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco or firearms and they cannot be exchanged for cash. In most cases, the vouchers are used to purchase lottery tickets.

The revenue from the COAMs is split by law between the location, a Master Licensee (which owns and maintains the COAMs) and the State of Georgia. Currently, a location receives 45% of the revenue from each machine. Notably, no more than 50% of a business’ gross revenue can come from the operation of COAMs.

Georgia businesses can easily apply for a Class B COAM Location License online. The application process includes a criminal background and credit check, and applicants must provide their Secretary of State business verification and proof of tax compliance. They’ll also need to disclose if they hold gaming licenses in other states.

There are many similarities between the Georgia COAM market and the Illinois video gaming market. If you’re interested in becoming a licensed Class B COAM Location in Georgia, contact Accel Entertainment today. As the largest video gaming route operator in Illinois, our experience allows us to provide insight and guidance for successful operations in Georgia.

If you’re curious about how video gaming works in other states, check out our breakdown of every state with similar markets.

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