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Prepare for Bloomington’s Video Gaming Expansion with Accel Entertainment

August 27, 2019

The Bloomington city council voted on Monday, August 26, 2019, to lift a moratorium on gaming licenses in the municipality. Bloomington previously capped the number of available video gaming licenses at 52 but has decided to increase that cap to 60. That means eight more eligible Bloomington establishments will be allowed to add video gaming terminals (VGTs) to help increase their revenue and improve their business.

In addition to the normal criteria for a video gaming license that the state of Illinois requires, Bloomington businesses will also need to show that gaming revenue does not exceed 50 percent of their total gross revenue, unless that business is classified as a large truck stop.  Establishments will be required to meet additional requirements, which are outlined more in detail in ordinance.   

At Accel Entertainment, we are excited to help businesses in Bloomington take advantage of these new rules. We’ve previously written about the advantage of municipalities expanding video gaming, and we’re glad Bloomington is getting on board as well!

As Illinois’ largest video gaming provider, we are able to assist your business needs on many levels. Whether it’s providing you the best marketing materials available to increase your visibility, running exciting promotions such as our current Million Dollar Giveaway, providing informational guidance on gaming compliance related materials, or assign your location  its own Relationship Manager, we are here to assist with your all areas of your business, not just video gaming.

If you are a business in Bloomington looking to add video gaming, or even a business that already has video gaming and are looking to switch terminal operators, give us a call today or leave a comment in the section below.


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