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Location Feature: Libby's Lounge

June 25, 2019

We’re always on the hunt for gaming establishments that attract players by providing a positive experience for customers, so we are thrilled to feature Libby’s Lounge in Champaign.

Opened in 2017, Libby’s Lounge prides itself on its comfortable, family-like atmosphere. Owner Josh Stevens says he knows people who like to play slots, but he noticed that friends often complained about the unenjoyable environment of other gaming locations. Josh started going to these locations with friends and saw firsthand some of the shortfalls that were present in the market. He saw an opportunity to provide something special and comfortable for players through his own establishment.

In the beginning, Josh worked tirelessly to ensure that people heard about the newly opened Libby’s Lounge. He knew that the gaming market was crowded, but Libby’s Lounge was able to stand out from the crowd. He believes that dedication to his initial vision has helped Libby’s succeed. Josh credits his exceptional staff for being inviting to players, getting to know regulars and keeping the location clean at all times.

One of Josh’s primary efforts to market his business has been through social media. He recognized what a powerful tool social media could be for a small business just starting out and has continued to use it to grow his business. Josh says that Libby’s focuses on the three biggest social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For a business owner just starting out with digital marketing, Josh recommends boosting posts on Facebook. He always keeps at least one post boosted and tries to post as much as possible on Libby’s accounts. The Facebook algorithm can make it difficult for businesses to market online, so he said boosting posts helps keep Libby’s visible on people’s timeline and at the top of mind when looking for a location to play at.

As a small business owner and the primary manager of Libby’s Lounge’s social media accounts, Josh recognizes that it can be time consuming to work on these efforts. He credits the social media marketing and managing tool Hootsuite for helping him schedule posts, giving him more time to improve his business. Hootsuite allows him to schedule posts throughout the day and look at analytics to help him post on the best possible days and times.

Josh says it’s easy to find original content to share on your business’ social media accounts if you just look around. He often shares photos of winning screens, large cash-out tickets, or content related to Accel’s Million Dollar Giveaway. Libby’s Lounge had the first winner in the year-long giveaway and Josh and his staff (and the winner, Andrew L.!) could not have been more excited. Since joining the Giveaway, Josh says more and more people are coming in regularly, and more players means better chances that someone is a big winner!

If you are in the Champaign-Urbana area, be sure to check out Libby’s Lounge! If you are looking to learn more or want some inspiration for content to post on your business’ pages, take a look at Libby’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages.

Do you want to be featured on The Winning Ticket? Reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com with your business name and what sets you apart from your competitors!

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