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Illinois VGTs Relaunch!

July 2, 2020

We know that the past few months have been difficult for all our establishments, but we were so excited to return to gaming on July 1. The Illinois Gaming Board provided guidelines for a safe return to operations. You may review their guidelines here. At Accel, we are committed to keeping your establishment, your customers and employees, and the general public safe.

We will be continuing our efforts to visit every establishment to clean and sanitize the gaming area and VGTs. To help your establishment, we have created a “Protecting Your Video Gaming Business and Your Employees from COVID-19 Guide” to help you clean, sanitize and reopen your establishment. Please click to view. To help get your location up and running again, representatives from Accel Entertainment will be visiting locations with AEPlayer TVs to make sure they are working properly. If you are having a service issue, please call the Accel Service Solutions Center at any time at 888-972-2235.

Accel was actively working during the shutdown in order to quickly resume operations when allowed within the guidelines put in place by the State. Some of our projects included:

  • Completed a Pandemic Resumption Plan for our Statewide locations that details our safety and sanitization procedures
  • Installed empty cash cans in VGTs to expedite their return to operation
  • Eliminated any repair or maintenance issues at our locations
  • Created and printed signage for all locations to ensure compliance with IGB protocols
  • Revamped our marketing efforts as well as improved our proprietary Accel Loyalty Engine (sweepstakes software) to help our locations reach, engage, and reassure our players
  • Sourced personal protective equipment (PPE), dividers, and cleaning supplies to comply with IGB regulations

Your Relationship Manager will be in touch about specific plans to get your location up and running quickly and in compliance with IGB guidelines on signage, dividers, cleaning, and PPE.

Cleaning location from COVID-19

Accel Entertainment is Your Partner Through It All

As your establishment prepares to reopen, we know that there are still a lot of questions and uncertainty. We are doing everything we can do help get your establishment back up and running. As we return to normal operations, we will continue to communicate pertinent information. If you would like to view our running list of updates throughout the shutdown, please click here. We can’t wait to welcome all of our players back to their favorite Accel locations!

Maintain a healthy business during COVID with a continuity plan