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Ready for Video Gaming Relaunch: Marketing Updates

June 30, 2020

Accel is excited to return to daily operations with the best partner establishments in the State! Members of the Accel team have been hard at work the past few months, preparing for a safe and productive return to gaming, and ensuring our partners have everything they need to succeed. Here are a few of the initiatives you will have to look forward to as gaming returns to Illinois on July 1 at 9:00 AM..

Mind Blowing Giveaway Updates

The Mind Blowing Giveaway entries open back up 06/26/2020. To generate maximum excitement and ensure Accel and our partners have time to work out any issues, we plan to run our biggest ever Mind Blowing Giveaway prize period for 9 weeks instead of just going through the month of July. This gives patrons more time to enter and more opportunities to win BIG! The prize period will be from 6/26/2020 – 8/31/2020. Click to view the complete prize calendar at aeplayer.com.

To give more patrons the chance to win right away, the current prize period includes:

  • Two winners of $25,000 CASH for mortgage or rent payments. There will be one winner from Northern Illinois and one winner from Southern Illinois.
  • 125 instant wins of $200 gift cards during the current prize period.
  • Prize period is from June 26th thru August 31st.

In total, we will be giving away $75,000 this prize period!

Introducing the BRAND NEW AE Player App!

The new AE Player app is better than ever! Download now on both iOS and Android!

Patrons can use the app to:

  1. Enter hourly at a participating location in the Mind Blowing Giveaway
  2. Find a participating location near them
  3. View virtual punch cards

Over on AEPlayer.com, we have tons of more information about the giveaway including all our finalists and winners, all participating locations, voting on our upcoming prizes and more!

AE.Bet | Triple Cash Prize Coming Soon!

Marketing has rolled out a new free-to-play sports betting site, AE.Bet. Our early rollout of AE.Bet has produced over 100 cash prize winners, and the response from players has been enthusiastic. It’s now time to get our partner establishments involved! The whole purpose of this initiative is to drive value and traffic to Accel locations, so we’re triple-sizing cash prizes for players that enter using your unique store code. More information regarding AE.Bet will be announced soon, so keep an eye out for more!

Free-to-play sports betting in Illinois

New! Accel Learning Center (ALE)

At Accel, we truly believe your success is our success! We are excited to launch our new Accel Learning Center filled with a variety of resources to help make your location the best it can be. Through this learning center, we provide resources that are aimed at helping your business grow. These training videos and guides include:

  • Location Slot Machine Training: Access our slot machine training video and Video Gaming Handbook at any time to train new employees or get a refresher on everything you need to know about slot machines in your location.
  • Accel Loyalty Engine Resources: For establishments participating in Accel Mind Blowing Giveaway, you’ve been granted exclusive access to our new, intuitive marketing dashboard – the Accel Loyalty Engine.
  • Digital Marketing Resources: Not sure if you’re putting your best digital foot forward? Let our experts in digital marketing help!
  • 1:1 E-training: We also offer 1:1 training with a dedicated Marketing Specialist that can help you dive deeper into any of the mentioned topics.

If you are interested in learning more about the Accel Learning Center, please contact your Relationship Manager or email at hello@accelentertainment.com.

Illinois Player Survey 2020

Recently, the Marketing Team conducted a survey of our player database. We sent a 26-question survey to our roughly 76,000 players asking a variety of questions pertaining to topics such as casino play, location features players seek at gaming establishments, interest in promotions, and sports betting.

Coming soon!  To benefit our partner locations, we are condensing the information from this survey into a content offer titled The State of the Illinois VGT Player 2020 that can be downloaded for free from our website. In it, establishment owners can find information specific to players in the Illinois VGT market and ideas on how to apply this information to their establishment.

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a difficult battle to overcome, one that none of us expected to ever experience in our lives. To our partner location owners and small business owners across the State, we stood with you in the face of this pandemic, and we will continue to fight with you to come back stronger than ever before!

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