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Gems from Our Archive, December 2020: Common Fines & Regulations

December 23, 2020

Every month, The Winning Ticket rounds up some of our favorite blogs from the Accel Entertainment archives. This month we want to look at some common fines and regulations you may run into in the Illinois video gaming industry.


Top Five Tips to Avoid IGB Fines

Your location’s gaming license should be treated as one of its most important assets.  It deserves the highest priority attention and you should be doing everything you can to protect it from fines, or even worse, revocation.  The Accel Entertainment team has years of experience in seeing the common mistakes to avoid in order to keep your record pristine.


How to Ensure Your Bar and Gaming Patrons are Over 21

As a gaming establishment, safeguarding against underage gaming and alcohol consumption is extremely important. Underage patrons who are found either gaming or consuming alcohol on your premises can lead to fines and/or the loss of your license. To help prevent this, follow these helpful guidelines.


Common Liquor License Fines in Illinois

Here at Accel Entertainment we believe that your location’s gaming license should be treated as one of your most important assets. Therefore, your location’s liquor license should also be protected at all costs. Location owners should be devoted to protecting their liquor license against fines, or worse, revocation.


How to Avoid Liquor License Fines

It’s no secret that it can be fairly easy to lose your liquor license or get fined if you’re not careful. In fact, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) conducts over 20,000 liquor license investigations a year. If you own a bar or restaurant, maintaining your liquor license is essential for keeping your doors open. And if you have slot machines in your venue, keeping your liquor license is even more important because you need it in order to maintain your gaming license.

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Illinois Truck Stop Gaming Regulations

There are four main types of establishments that can operate video gaming terminals according to Illinois law: Liquor pouring establishments, fraternal organizations, veteran’s organizations and truck stops. While the others may be more self-explanatory, the truck stop one may be a little more confusing. We will break down what exactly the requirements are in Illinois to be considered a truck stop.


Signage Requirements for Illinois Gaming Locations

When setting up a video gaming area in your licensed establishment, one simple yet important detail to remember is to display a handful of signs required by various regulations. These can essentially be divided into two categories: signs that are specific to video gaming, and signs that aren’t. Here’s a breakdown of both.


IGB Penalties for Illegal Gambling: College Basketball Championship Season

As you might recall, last March, the Illinois Gaming Board (“IGB”) conducted a large scale enforcement effort targeting dozens of licensed video gaming locations, specifically looking for any and all illegal gambling activity. Multiple locations were found to be running illegal gambling events and were issued disciplinary complaints by the IGB. Such infractions resulted in hefty fines of $5,000 or the revocation of the location license.


Illinois Raffle Laws: What to Know about the Raffle and Poker Run Act

Whether for charitable fundraising purposes or simply gambling revenue, Illinois law covers all revenue streams created by games of chance.  The easiest way to understand gambling in Illinois is that all gambling is illegal unless specifically allowed by the Criminal Code.  For example, raffles and poker runs when conducted in accordance with the Raffles and Poker Runs Act.

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