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Gems from Our Archive, August 2020: Time to Clean

August 12, 2020

Every month, The Winning Ticket rounds up some of our favorite blogs from the Accel Entertainment archives. This month, we want to focus on the importance of maintenance and cleanliness in your establishment.


Preventative Maintenance: What Video Gaming Locations Need to Know

What is preventative maintenance? This practice (sometimes referred to as preventive maintenance) involves the routine examination of a product or system to minimize future breakdowns of equipment. For VGTs, this can entail everything from cleaning the exterior of the machines to replacing internal parts — tasks that are typically, but not always, performed by Terminal Operators.


The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Slot Machines

When a VGT breaks, it costs money. It costs both the money to repair the machine as well as the lost revenue from having your VGT out of action. And while we ensure that problems are solved as soon as possible, there will inevitably be at least a small delay between when a machine breaks or malfunctions and when we can fix it. Preventative maintenance helps us minimize those kinds of delays.

7 Steps to Becoming an Illinois Video Gaming Establishment

How to Keep Your Video Gaming Terminals and Gaming Area Clean

We’re convinced that anyone that actually enjoys cleaning is from another planet. It’s time consuming, sometimes gross and if you hire someone to do the dirty work, expensive. However, it’s also extremely important for a successful video gaming business to make it a habit to keep the video gaming terminals (VGTs) and gaming area clean. Here are some tips to make cleaning as quick, painless and economical as possible.


How to Keep Your Bar Truly Clean

When a bar is clean and easy to navigate, you’ll be more efficient and attentive when serving customers, which means better and faster service (and hopefully bigger tips!). Keeping your bar clean and organized can make for a less stressful work environment, but it is also the law. A dirty bar can be a health risk to the public and to your staff.

There are tons of helpful checklists and documents you can find online to help keep your cleaning schedule on track, but here are a few tips to help you get started!

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