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Gems from Our Archive April 2019: Best of Marketing

April 15, 2019

Marketing is one of the most important facets of any video gaming establishment (or any establishment at all for that matter). Marketing is responsible for spreading the word about your establishment and is a big part in keeping customers coming back time and time again.

Want to get started on improving your marketing? We’ve compiled some of our best blogs on every aspect of marketing for you!

Traditional Marketing in Your Bar: Outdoor Signage

INew call-to-actionn order to keep up in the competitive bar and restaurant and/or Illinois gaming industry, it is important to take a creative approach when it comes to advertising your bar. There are a variety of traditional and non-traditional marketing ideas you can choose for your business. Both approaches are necessary for reaching your target customers. Non-traditional tactics, such as social media and event planning, are gaining popularity, but traditional marketing such as outdoor signage is critical for getting people in the door.

How to Increase Foot Traffic at Your Bar

Every small business owner knows that there can be slow periods for bars and restaurants; but what’s more important for owners to know is how to get out of these depressing slumps. This blog has a couple of tried and true tricks for bars and restaurants to check out and try!

Does Your Business Brand Include Video Gaming?

In any competitive business market, strong branding is critical to success.  It helps customers know what to expect from your business and acts as the driving force behind your business’ pursuits to meet those expectations. Whether your business established its brand a long time ago, or is still trying to find its voice, there are many benefits to evaluating and honing in on the brand identity of your bar or restaurant.

Digital Marketing for Your Illinois Business: How to Check if You're Doing it Right

Digital marketing is the promotion of your business, products or services using any type of digital medium. If you’re a business owner and you’re not investing some time into digital marketing, you’re missing out on an easy way to find new customers and bring existing customers back in.

5 Ways to Get the Word Out About a Promotion at Your Gaming Location

No matter what type of business you run, promotions are always a great way to drive more traffic to your business. Whether you are offering a typical BOGO (buy one, get one) deal, hosting a contest, or running a major sweepstakes, promotions are designed to get people so excited about something that they will come into your business to participate.

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