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Marketing Your Illinois Business

Why Your Bar or Restaurant Should Have a Website

March 6, 2024

When marketing your small business, it is important to cast a wide net and to use every tool you can in order to promote your venue to a larger audience. One major avenue that many small businesses can take to accomplish both of these is through their very own website. Your company’s website is sort of a ‘welcome’ mat, it being the gateway from which the customer can enter in order to immerse themselves with a particular brand. Oftentimes, a company’s website will be one of the first interactions a customer has with a particular brand, making it an extremely important marketing tool for small businesses. Here are three reasons why your gaming location should have a website.

Increase Credibility

In the world today having a website lends your business credibility. When customers seek out a business online, a website indicates that the brand is a trustworthy one and is worth considering when making a purchase decision. Relying on word-of-mouth as a means to increase your brand recognition is not sustainable for your business; having a website is one major step you can take to increase your establishment’s overall credibility.

Greater Visibility on Google

In the 21st century, people need to be able to find your company online. Having a website boosts your visibility on Google, making it more likely to show up in organic searches. Without a website, your business will be left ‘in the dark’ to many people who could be patrons of your establishment. A website gives your business a central location of sorts online - storing key bits of information which are relevant to the people seeking you out.

Consider, also, creating a Google Business Profile. A Google Business Profile gives your establishment more visibility through Google Search. It allows you to appear in Google Maps and gives you helpful insights that can assist you in your business decisions. These insights include tracking engagement and views of your profile, as well as a summary of the profile of those who interact with you. Your audience can also leave reviews and comments on your Google Business Profile.

Expand on Your Brand

As mentioned previously, having a website is key for expanding on your location’s brand digitally. Unlike platforms like Facebook and Instagram, your website is your own and, as such, you can design it however you want. A website shows off your brand online; take the opportunity to showcase your establishment's uniqueness. Moreover, you do not have to constantly update and post content like you do on social media - saving you time and effort in the long-run.

Remember that having a website is only one step on the road to a fully optimized marketing strategy. As a small business in the digital world, you have a multitude of tools at your disposal to expand your locations’ brand such as a website, social media, indoor and outdoor signage, co-op advertising, and so much more. Read our other blogs on how you can better market your small business and reach out to Accel if you ever need help with promoting your small business within your community.

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