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Why Our Locations Love AE Player Rewards

September 1, 2021

A happy customer ensures the efficiency of business. That’s a fact that no establishment owner will ever dispute. However, having the amenities, entertainment, and an atmosphere that makes customers happy is a difficult line to tread.

Despite all that, there is ONE thing someone in every age group can relate to that brings them joy — winning. Whether they’re winning a piece of candy or thousands of dollars, the joy is always obvious. Giving your customers more ways to win will always prove fruitful for the future. But how? The answer is simple: AE Player Rewards! With loads of winners every month, it’s no wonder they keep coming back to play.

Getting Involved

Signing up for AE Player Rewards couldn’t be easier! ALL Accel locations are automatically entered in the AE Player Rewards program. No kiosks*, separate routers, or interruptions to your daily business. Your customers can now check in, enter any of our giveaways, and participate in everything we have to offer straight from their phones via the AE Player mobile app and our new geofencing technology.

Benefits to the Customer

AE Player Rewards introduces more ways for our members to win and rewards them for their continued loyalty. The more members check in, the higher they can raise their status level! Participants have a chance to win every week depending on their status level. Let’s say the participant is at the Silver status level. This means that they have a chance to be one of four $200 winners every Monday. Talk about a fantastic case of the Mondays! If they’re at the Gold status level, they’ll have an even better chance to win $200 every Tuesday because we’ll be picking six winners! The greater the status-level the more chances to win. That’s two great ways to start the week off and leave your customers happier than ever!

Looking Ahead

Finally, we have something HUGE coming up. Every three months we hold our Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway. This is a chance for your patrons to participate and win at your location. Any guesses when the next giveaway is scheduled? At the end of this month, we’ll be giving away $120,000 in total prizes split between six lucky winners – two winners per status level!


Interested in switching to Accel and giving your players more chances to win bigger prizes? Reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com!

*Kiosks available for an additional $25 monthly charge.

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