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Why Are the Holidays So Busy for Bars & Restaurants?

November 15, 2023

The holiday season is approaching, which means more customers will likely be coming to your restaurant. In case you may be wondering where this increase in business is coming from, Accel is here to break down why the holiday season is busy for your restaurant.

The Convenience

During the holiday season there are numerous gatherings of family, friends and even coworkers who wish to celebrate together. With so many people to provide food and beverages for, it’s very likely at least one or more of these groups will turn to your establishment to supply these food and beverages. This can mean either having your restaurant deliver directly to their homes or businesses, picking up the meals from your restaurant, or having the gathering directly at your establishment. Whether it’s takeout, delivery, or dine-in, patrons will be grateful for the quality meals you are providing to their gathering, not having to cook the meals themselves, and not having to clean up as much after the gathering is over.

If your restaurant offers gift cards, there’s a good chance this will also lead to an increase in business. Gift cards are often a common and easy gift around the holiday season. Patrons will either be purchasing them as gifts or redeeming ones they received as gifts. There’s even a good chance your patrons will spend more than the gift card balance! Gift cards create an excellent opportunity to introduce your establishment to new customers who may have never heard of it before, or customers who have been wanting to try it and now have a reason to.

The Experience

People love being able to experience the holiday season in as many ways as possible. The holiday season is a great way to attract customers by simply having beautiful holiday décor. People love the opportunity to take photos in front of stunning setups. If you’ve got a great holiday setup, people are more likely to post and talk about it. This can lead to more people stopping by for their holiday photo opportunity.

Exciting holiday promotions designed to not only reward customers for their loyalty, but also put them in the holiday spirit is another reason your business could experience an increase in business during the holiday season. These promotions not only bring people together, but also provide financial opportunities for individuals who need extra cash for holiday shopping.

Holiday-themed additions to your menu are another reason patrons will want to visit your establishment. People love the opportunity to try menu options that are only seasonal or for a limited time, especially from establishments they trust.

The holiday season is not only a great way to present something new to your existing customers, but also to bring in new customers. However, you are choosing to get festive this holiday season at your gaming establishment, make sure you’re promoting it on your website through emails, physical signage, and your social media profiles. Accel even offers a variety of holiday themed graphics designed to encourage slot play and drive foot traffic to your gaming establishment!

For more information on why the holiday season is busy at your restaurant and how you can be capitalizing on it, email Accel at hello@accelentertainment.com.

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