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What Should Your Customers Do within the First Thirty Days of Having Gaming?

June 7, 2019

As a business owner, your job is to make sure your customers have the best experience possible so that they’ll come back in the future. The same is true when you add video gaming to your establishment. But there’s also some things your customers can do once you’ve finally added slot machines to your business, beyond simply showing up.

Here are some things you can encourage your customers to do with the first 30 days of adding video gaming:

Learn Your Hours

In Illinois, video gaming is tied to the hours that you’re allowed to serve alcohol according to your liquor license. This may or may not be different from your regular business hours. If your customers are interested in video gaming, make sure they know what hours you’re allowed to have your VGTs active. You should also ensure that your staff is aware that your machines may not be allowed to run during all of your business hours.

Bring Their ID

If you’re a business that does not require your customers to be at least 21 years old, you probably don’t check IDs when people enter your doors. However, you do need to ensure that anyone using your VGTs is 21 or older. If your customers are not used to bring their IDs to your establishment, you should encourage them to do so, to ensure you’re compliant with Illinois law. For more help with making sure your patrons are over the legal age, check out our other blog on ensuring your customers are over 21 for more tips!

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Follow You on Social Media

If you’re new to video gaming, you’ll likely begin trying to promote that through different marketing efforts. You may offer new specials or discounts to help attract people to your location. Your customers may be missing out on your promotional efforts if they’re not following you on social media, so you may want to find ways to help encourage your customers to give you a like or follow.

Prepare for More People

Adding video gaming can greatly improve foot traffic to your business. If your establishment isn’t typically crowded, you may want to let your regulars know that there may be more people coming to your business in the future. Don’t forget to prepare your staff for more customers as well. Keep track of when your business reaches new peak hours and ensure that you have enough staff to handle the needs of your new video gaming patrons.

Get Acquainted with Accel Entertainment

If you are an Accel location, you should know that we offer more than just video gaming to our players and locations. Whether your players are participating in our ongoing sweepstakes program or interested in our dart league tournaments, your players can always find something new and exciting with Accel.

How did your customers react when you first introduced VGTs to your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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