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Tips for Welcoming Back Your Staff to Your Gaming Establishment

July 23, 2020

Now that gaming establishments across Illinois are starting to reopen, many owners are questioning how to safely welcome their staff back to work. Many staffers are expressing their concerns about what health risks they may be exposed to. This transition might seem daunting to owners with all the current health concerns and recommended procedures for safe operation, but we want to offer you a few tips and some advice for how to bring your staff back into your establishment.

Training Is Key

Nothing is more crucial to welcoming back your staff than developing and implementing new training regimens for a healthier workplace. Before resuming normal duties, your staff should be fully aware with all new sanitization and cleaning procedures. Emphasize the importance of frequent cleaning and sanitization efforts in high-traffic areas and frequently touched items. It may be necessary to retrain basic hygiene protocols such as the proper hand-washing protocol. Be sure to point out any new hand-washing stations or New call-to-actionnew hand sanitizer locations. If you have added new curbside delivery services or new contactless payment systems, be sure your staff is comfortable with the procedures before sending them into the field with customers. If masks are required in your establishment, make sure your staff is informed on how to correctly wear a mask and the consequences of not wearing one. Also be sure to train employees on how to handle customers who refuse to wear a mask or will not follow new health safety rules.

Reduce Customer Contact

One way to help returning staff feel safer is to introduce new measures to reduce their physical contact with customers. New practices like curbside pickup, contactless delivery and mobile ordering are a good way to reduce the amount of time customers will spend in your establishment. In addition, you can develop new policies like having customers box their own leftovers and bus their own tables. Some establishments are erecting plexiglass dividers between designated staff and customer areas in order to reduce the risk of contamination.

Clear signage will be your most useful asset for these new changes to your establishment. Make sure both customers and staff members can see any signage denoting capacity limits, closed areas, new health procedures, and designated areas where masks are required.

Keep Equipment Supplied

It is very important that you keep your establishment well-stocked with ample cleaning and personal protection supplies. Be sure employees have easy access to extra face masks and sterile gloves if they need them. Before staff returns to your establishment, let them know you have enough personal protective equipment (PPE) for them to feel safe and that PPE may be required throughout the workday.

Besides just PPE make sure staff knows where to find the stash of cleaning supplies. Having easy access to hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, soap, and other necessities will make practicing good hygiene and proper sanitation efforts more convenient.

While returning to work right now may seem scary for many gaming establishment employees, it doesn’t need to be. As long as owners are clear and firm about any new policies and procedures, your staff should be able to easily transition back into work.





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