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Tips for Cleaning Up Your Bar or Restaurant’s Social Media

February 16, 2022

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are the figureheads of today’s online communication and representation. Spanning the scope of users from regular everyday people to massive corporations, almost every known brand has at least a social media profile on one of these platforms. And if you’re reading this, you most certainly have one as well — for yourself and hopefully your business.

There are many different ways people and businesses use social media. Sharing a picture of a new puppy, a breakfast special on Friday, graduation photos, relationship status, new locations opening, and so on. However, there must be a distinction between personal and business social media usage. Here are three tips you can use to improve your establishment’s social presence, while strengthening the distinction between your business and personal online/social life.

Use your business’ social pages only for business

It doesn’t do anybody any good if you use your business page to post about your personal life. The people who follow your location’s page follow it because they want to know more about your location. Sure, as the owner, every once in a while, it’s fine to share a personal event that happened, but posting selfies, saying “I love my doggie so much!” or reposting political memes, will have your patrons scratching their heads and, even worse, potentially unfollowing.

Keep things updated

Managing and maintaining your social pages may seem like a chore, but it’s one of your most important communication channels to your customers. When people look up your establishment online, they’ll most likely find your social pages. If they see that the last post is from Winter 2018, that makes them wonder what happened or if you’re even still open. Post something every week or so on your social pages. That way people know for a fact you’re still open and active with your patrons.

Have fun with it!

Social media is supposed to be fun. Create specials for your location. Make some creative recipes and post your creations! Post a story showing your location and all the people who visit! There are a million things to do on your location’s social media. Just make sure it’s business-related and don’t flood your followers’ newsfeeds with updates three times a day. Take it slow and enjoy it!

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