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Marketing Your Illinois Business

TikTok Marketing Gives Your Small Business Exposure

July 10, 2023

Is your restaurant or bar on TikTok? If not, it may be time to join the fun! As TikTok’s popularity continues to increase, there’s more and more opportunities for your restaurant to gain exposure and maybe even go viral!

TikTok is a great way to market your brand and introduce it to a much larger audience which may have never heard of you prior. This gives your business the opportunity to reach people all over the world, including those who may visit your area one day. TikTok’s audience is primarily in their teens, but people of all ages are on TikTok, giving you many potential viewers.

Chances are some of your competitors are on TikTok, which means you should be too. Learn from their content what you should be doing based on their successes and failures. If your competitors aren’t on TikTok, you will have opened yourself up to a much larger audience than they have.

With TikTok your products can be fully displayed to your audience, and you can promote why they are the best option in a fun and entertaining way. By having a TikTok Business account, you can include a link in your bio to your website, so new customers can find you more easily. There are also opportunities to run ads on TikTok depending on what you’re willing to spend to get your brand noticed by users.

There’s tons of content your establishment could be posting on TikTok to get you noticed. There’s even been cases of companies going viral posting their cocktails. By posting videos of your cocktails, you can share how your establishment prepares well-known cocktails differently and better than others. Your content doesn’t need to be strictly alcoholic beverages, if your establishment has a unique drink that people of all ages can enjoy, why not let the world see it?

Trends are an extremely popular type of content on TikTok. You can try out what challenges are trending or start your own trend. Depending on what your establishment offers, you may have the next big spicy food challenge on your hands. You can even use trending sounds to get your non challenge-related content noticed more.

TikTok is your company’s chance to be as authentic and creative as you want to be. People on TikTok want to see eye-catching content and want to know a different side of your company, so let them get to know the real people that help make your business succeed. Accel’s goal is to make our partner locations succeed, so we hope we can be featured on your fun content as well!

Don’t attempt to use the same marketing strategy with TikTok that you would all your other social platforms. TikTok is very different, and you should familiarize yourself with it before you begin creating your marketing strategy. Make sure you’re using the right words and tags to reach your intended audience who are searching for those things. Have fun with TikTok, but make sure you are creating content with the purpose of benefiting your business.

For more information on using TikTok marketing for your gaming establishment, email Accel at hello@accelentertainment.com.

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