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The Mind Blowing Giveaway Takes Off at Accel

September 9, 2020

Accel Entertainment’s Mind Blowing Giveaway has been a roaring success in 2020, and we wanted to share some of our most exciting updates about the giveaway.

854 Participating Locations

As of this writing, there are over 854 Illinois locations participating in the Mind Blowing Giveaway. You can find a full list here on our website. With this many locations participating, participants can optimize their chances of winning by entering at multiple locations in a day. If you are a location owner looking to join the Mind Blowing Giveaway, contact your Relationship Manager today or email us at hello@accelentertainment.com.

New call-to-actionExciting New Prizes

The biggest new feature that differentiates the Mind Blowing Giveaway from previous Accel Giveaways, is the opportunity for participants to vote for their favorite prizes to be featured. Two lucky winners in Illinois got the chance to “bring home the bacon” in February — the grand prize was $20,000 worth of cash to use on groceries! In March, players made their voices heard and selected a Dream Kitchen Remodel as the featured prize – two winners received $20,000 that can be spent on renovating their dream kitchen!

For the July/August prize period, players entered for the chance to win $20,000 to go towards paying down their mortgage or rent! Plus, there were 125 Instant Winners who each won a $200 gift card!

The public can vote for the following month’s prizes at the beginning of every month. For September’s featured prize, players had the choice to feature a camping themed prize, a custom landscaping package, or $20,000 to be used on their utility bills. The votes were tallied and the players selected the Pay Your Utilities featured prize! Make your voice heard next month by voting at aeplayer.com or at aeplayer.com/vote. Check back often to see when our next voting session will open!

Winners from All Over the State

The Mind Blowing Giveaway also differs from the Million Dollar Giveaway in how we select our winners each month. In the Mind Blowing Giveaway, two winners are chosen every month to win the featured prize – one winner from Northern Illinois and one winner from Southern Illinois!

We keep a gallery of all of our Mind Blowing Giveaway winners (including our Instant Winners) on our website. Visit aeplayer.com to see our recent winners and what locations they won at!

Thousands of Entries Made So Far

A little over a month into the Mind Blowing Giveaway, and we are already receiving huge amounts of entries every day across the state. So far, we have over 200K unique entries and more than 300K total entries in the giveaway and counting. With over 1.4 million entries during the Million Dollar Giveaway last year, the Mind Blowing Giveaway is already set to be one of the biggest initiatives that Accel Entertainment has ever taken on.

As 2020 continues, be sure to keep up with us on social media and check out aeplayer.com to stay up to date with the Mind Blowing Giveaway.

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