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The Mind Blowing Giveaway Comes to Accel Entertainment

December 27, 2019

2019 was a big year for Accel Entertainment thanks to the Million Dollar Giveaway. However, with the Million Dollar Giveaway coming to an end of 2019, what comes next for Accel promotions in 2020?

We’d like to introduce the Mind Blowing Giveaway!

So why should an Accel partner establishment participate in the Mind Blowing Giveaway? During the Million Dollar Giveaway, locations that participated saw a hold per day revenue increase of 19% on average compared to locations that opted out. With over 1.4 million entries from over 42,000 unique entrants, the Million Dollar Giveaway helped drive foot traffic and foster loyalty to our locations across the state. During the Million Dollar Giveaway, 56% of participants entered more than once and 8.5% of participants entered more than 100 times at Accel locations!

By joining the Mind Blowing Giveaway, locations can build a comprehensive patron database through our brand-new EventLink sweepstakes software. Locations can track patron playing habits and identify new and returning players. Through our software, locations can market directly to their patron database. During the Mind Blowing Giveaway, locations can create their own rewards programs – including virtual punch cards to promote repeat patrons! Locations can also gain valuable feedback and insight through the software’s survey and review functions.

Much like the Million Dollar Giveaway, Accel Entertainment wants to help locations promote the Mind Blowing Giveaway in their establishment. Throughout the Mind Blowing Giveaway, there will be posters, banners, finalist chalkboards, A-frame inserts, cups, coasters, feather flags, t-shirts, and more available upon request from a location’s Relationship Manager. In addition, participating locations will have access to $500 in co-op matching funds to use in locations-specific drawings via the Mind Blowing Giveaway Co-op Drawing Program (must be executed by end of 2020).

The Mind Blowing Giveaway is set to be Accel’s most engaging promotion yet! Unlike in the Million Dollar Giveaway, during the Mind Blowing Giveaway prizes will be chosen by participants through a voting system on Accel’s social media site, aeplayer.com, and through email. Participants will be able to choose from available prize themes each month including sporting events, travel opportunities, home renovations, and paying down bills. In addition, one finalist will be chosen per month from each participating location for the chance to win a life-changing prize! At the end of the month a winner will be chosen from Northern and Southern Illinois to be that month’s winners! Instant Win opportunities and Multiplier Days also return in the Mind Blowing Giveaway to increase chances of winning.

If you are an Accel Entertainment location interested in joining the Mind Blowing Giveaway, get in touch with your Relationship Manager today!

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