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The Million Dollar Giveaway So Far!

October 3, 2019

As we near the end of 2019, we also near the end of Accel Entertainment’s biggest promotion ever – The Million Dollar Giveaway! Rolling into our final few months of The Million Dollar Giveaway we want to share an update on the impact this promotion has had to its lucky winners – and what’s still to come before the end of the year!

As of September, there were 861 Accel Entertainment locations participating in the Million Dollar Giveaway – that means 861 different places for players to enter for a chance to win! These participating establishments are located all over the state of Illinois, offering more chances for patrons around the state to participate!

Over 32,000 people have entered for a chance to win in the Million Dollar Giveaway and have made over a million entries in total! Since the beginning of the Giveaway, we’ve impacted the lives of over 45 winners. You can check out a full list of winners on our Million Dollar Giveaway Wall of Winners! Our prizes have ranged anywhere from $1,000 daily prizes in April and September to our largest single prize of $40,000 in June – in total we have given away more than $300,000 to our lucky winners! You can check out our online prize calendar to see upcoming prizes and entry multiplier days – we still have plenty more lives to impact with these cash prizes before the end of 2019!

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Starting in September, a new type of prize was introduced to the Million Dollar Giveaway – Instant Wins! From September through December 31st, there will be 30 planned Instant Win opportunities for players to enter. After making an entry in the Million Dollar Giveaway, players have the chance to be immediately notified with a congratulations message if they have won an Instant Win prize. These prizes are achieved when a player makes an entry that crosses a randomized threshold in the total amount of entries (for example: the 5,000th entry in the prize period). So, keep entering the Giveaway every hour to increase your chances of winning an Instant Win prize in the Million Dollar Giveaway! *

But our prizes haven’t only been monetary, we’ve also handed out Golden Tickets to our Million Dollar Giveaway Grand Prize Event that will be held in 2020. At our Grand Prize Event, we will be giving away a minimum$500,000 to lucky attendees – including a $100,000 grand prize to one lucky winner! If you want to find more information on Golden Tickets, check out our blog here. If you want to see our list of those who were already lucky enough to snag a Golden Ticket, check out our Golden Ticket winner page!

What are you most excited about for the rest of the Million Dollar Giveaway? Let us know in the comments below!

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