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The Importance of Music at Bars & Restaurants

January 31, 2024

When it comes to setting the mood at your bar or restaurant, music is everything. Today, Accel Entertainment dives deep into the important role music plays at your establishment.

Music is important in your establishment, but so is its volume. Make sure you are frequently checking your sounds levels. There is always time before opening and customers arrive to experiment with your sound volumes to make sure it is the appropriate level for the day.

Even if you check your sound levels, there is always a chance someone will think the music is too loud. Always listen to your customers and staff if they are saying the music is too loud because you do not want it ruining your guest’s experience. Your staff should know the appropriate level of sound and be able to adjust it if needed.

Keep in mind that the sound levels don’t need to be the same every day. The weekends are a busier time that can call for louder volumes. You want your customers to be able to have a conversation, but you also don’t want complete silence. Understand your establishment’s demographic and play around with the volume until you feel it is just right.

The pace of your music matters too. Faster paced music is known to make people eat faster, so if you’d like customers to stick around for dessert, slower paced music may be a better option around dinner time. You also don’t want your volume to be too low. If your volume is too low, customers may think you’re closing, or patron’s private conversations might be heard by others.

The music played at your establishment should be appropriate for all age groups. The playlist you select should fit your establishment and be a good representation of your brand. You should have variety in your playlist so that it doesn’t get boring.

Your playlist should fit the time of day and types of patrons you have at those times, so depending on how early your business opens you may want to save the loud and fast-paced songs for after your audience is fully awake and energized.

It is a good idea to have a few playlists made to keep things fresh. You should make sure your playlist is long enough to last your business day to keep both your staff and patrons interested. Have at least a couple hundred songs on your playlist so no songs repeat throughout the day, and don’t forget about a different playlist during the holidays.

There are plenty of streaming services available for your establishment to choose to play music and create your playlists. Some of these services include Pandora and Spotify, which are very affordable options. If you’re having difficulty creating your own playlist, you can even play premade playlists from other users. Ask for your staff’s input when creating your playlist so that it is not just what you enjoy listening to.

Providing live music is a great way to get patrons to possibly stay longer and order more because if they are enjoying the music, they may stay to continue listening. If your establishment offers live music, make sure it is shown on your website and social to attract patrons looking for live music.

Many patrons find music an important part of their experience and tend to stay at restaurants with good music and avoid restaurants with bad music. By playing live music, your establishment not only stands out amongst competitors but also creates its own unique brand and experience. When it comes to live music there are multiple options your establishment can choose, such as a DJ or live band. Overall, live music can attract crowds and bring people together and is a great way for your establishment to mix things up.

Whatever songs you choose to play at your bar or restaurant, always ensure you are doing so in compliance with copyright laws.

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