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Marketing Your Illinois Business

Summer Promotions for Your Gaming Establishment

June 8, 2022

One of the major factors that comes along with owning a business is advertising that business! And what’s a better way to grab attention than a promotion? Promotions are a great way to reel in customers, especially your players. Giveaways are very beneficial, too, with the intention to excite and involve your customers.

Grills, TVs, and cash giveaways are just some of the awesome co-op promotions that Accel takes part in. Our promotional giveaways give a location the chance toward obtaining more customers during a slow day, slow hours, or if you’re just looking to increase your customer base.

Accel’s co-op promotional items

Accel offers a variety of co-op promotional items.

Posters are extremely helpful when it comes to advertising, especially if you have an awesome giveaway! Hang them up in your location to show your customers what special prizes you have coming. Posters can be easily customized with specific details, an artwork theme, and your logo.

Punch cards and vouchers are a way to invite your customers back for more. Punch cards are used over time before being redeemed, e.g., $5 on the fifth visit or $10 on the 10th visit. Vouchers can be used by customers for free slot play. You are able to customize both punch cards and vouchers per the location’s specifics.

Accel also has customizable requests for items like T-shirts, mugs and more. All are great ways to drive customers to your establishment and keep them coming back!

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