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Social Media Drives Foot Traffic to Your Gaming Establishment

April 26, 2023

As the seasons begin to change once again, Accel would like to offer some advice on changing up your gaming establishment’s social media for the spring. Here are just a few ideas to try with your business’s social media this spring.

Try New Social Media Platforms

There is always a new and up-and-coming social media platform out there that could be worth trying to stand out amongst your competition. Besides giving yourself new ways to be creative, you may also attract new audiences by showing off your brand on new platforms. A lot of young audiences are drawn to Instagram and won’t even give an establishment a try if they don’t have an Instagram account highlighting the dining experience.

TikTok is another social media platform to consider when trying to attract a younger audience. There are always trends happening that your establishment can put their own twist on. You can even use your TikTok videos on Instagram and other platforms to see how they perform on other platforms. It isn’t required that you follow the trends, but being different is necessary to make yourself stand out.

Host Social Media Contests

Social media contests are easy and a great way to reward your loyal customers and increase their participation. Get everyone involved with a social media contest of your own. Accel generally hosts at least one social media contest a month. These contests can have whatever rules you want and be a great opportunity to receive feedback and see what customers enjoy about your establishment. Make sure you’re offering a great prize to the winner, whether it’s a gift card, cash, or a discount on their next purchase.

Highlight Your Current Promotions and Events

Great food and drinks will always bring in customers, but promotions and events can also have the same effect. If there are promotions or events going on at your establishment, make sure your audience knows about them and how to be a part of them. These promotions may include a customizable co-operative promotion with Accel or just a bingo night or other event you may be hosting. Don’t forget events your establishment will be at like festivals, or competitions, so your audience can find you in a completely different setting than they may normally.

There are plenty of college and professional sports games happening in the spring. If you’re offering drink specials during the game or hosting any giveaways, make sure you are letting your customers know on social how they can be a part of the fun.


Whatever promotion or event you may be hosting, don’t just let patrons know how they can be a part of them but show them why they should be a part of them. With your customers’ permission, post pictures and videos of people having a great time at your events. If people are talking about how much fun they had at your event, don’t forget to share their posts and credit them.


We hope your found Accel’s ideas for your establishment’s social media this spring informative and useful. For more social media ideas visit our blog, download our free social media starter pack, download our free social graphics, or email Accel at hello@accelentertainment.com

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