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Marketing Your Illinois Business

How to Use Your Employee's Social Media Presence to Your Advantage

December 1, 2017

If you’re using it correctly, social media can have a great impact on your licensed Illinois gaming location. It’s a platform where you can promote your brand, encourage existing patrons to return and invite new patrons to give you a try. Even if you receive some negative reviews (most establishments do!) replying to them with care can make you look even more positive to potential or existing patrons.

 On the other hand, your brand may pop up on social media in ways you can’t control. One example of this is with customer reviews. A quick check of your company’s name on platforms like Yelp or Glassdoor may prove enlightening! Another way is through your employees’ posts about your company on their own, individual social media platforms.

Most or all of your employees are likely on social media in some way.  Their posts are seen by their followers – friends and family who may be local to your establishment. The way your employees post about your establishment can have a very real effect on your brand.  

 The Fans

Positive word of mouth about a local business from a local employee can have a fantastic effect.  In a perfect world, your employees are posting glowing reviews about you on Yelp, magazine-worthy images of your food and drink on Facebook, and Instagram posts of their $100 tips from well-satisfied guests. These brand evangelists proudly advocate for your establishment, always with an appropriate and positive demeanor.Social Media Starter Pack for Your Gaming Establishment

The Ghosts

Some employees may seem invisible on social media. These stealthy employees stay inside the neutral zone, never listing your business as their employer on their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles, and never mentioning your brand online.

The Gripers

Social media can be where your employees go to gripe about work. These keyboard warriors air any perceived grievances online, rather than discussing them directly with management first. They can hurt your brand if their gripes include negative comments about your establishment.  

While you may rejoice in your fans and ignore your ghosts, you may want to address your gripers. Of course, it’s important to note that there may be limited actions you can take. One step in the right direction is to develop a social media policy to hand out in addition to your employee handbook. A social media policy can provide useful guidelines of what you deem appropriate when your employees choose to mention their association with your business online.


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