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Preventative Maintenance and Your Business

August 21, 2023

At Accel Entertainment, we partner with locations interested in the gaming industry to help create a new line of revenue for their business by providing entertaining devices for their loyal customers. That being said, these machines need to be cared for and serviced on a routine basis. That’s where our preventative maintenance program comes into play.

What is preventative maintenance?

Consider Accel’s preventative maintenance program to be a regular check-up appointment from our team. Preventative maintenance is the act of servicing a machine to prevent payout errors, glitches, screen outages, software crashes, stub jams, and other issues that would impede the customer from using said machine. By instituting a regular preventative maintenance program, Accel technicians can find and fix many of these potential issues before they have the chance to become full-fledged problems. Without preventative maintenance, neglecting a machine will cause these problems to stack and, in turn, cause it to go “out of order.”


How does Accel Entertainment use preventative maintenance?

With routine maintenance checks, a 24-hour in-house customer service line, a stellar response time, and a 92% first fix rate, we ensure that the machines at our locations are always performing at maximum efficiency. We provide these services so that our machines are the least of our location partners’ worries. A company who doesn’t do everything they can to make sure that their products perform at their best doesn’t have their customers’ best interests in mind.


Who does preventative maintenance benefit?

Preventative maintenance benefits everyone from the customers to the employees at the location. With preventative maintenance, employees don’t have to deal with a broken machine. They now have more time to help customers and perform other duties without worry. Preventative maintenance also helps the location owner by ensuring their gaming is performing as expected and they aren’t missing out on any potential revenue. With a broken or “out of order” machine, it’s solely the Operator’s responsibility to get it back up and running as soon as possible. And finally, preventative maintenance helps the customers so that they can keep playing the games they love playing. If a screen short-circuits mid-game, a ticket gets jammed, or a button gets stuck, the customer will not get that exciting experience we want all of our patrons to enjoy. We provide preventative maintenance to make sure visitors at an Accel location can have fun without any hiccups concerning machine performance.


How does Accel Entertainment know when a machine needs preventative maintenance?

Our Accel representatives visit our locations as frequently as possible. With real-time data, they know what machines a location has, how old the machines are, and when the last time these machines have had any sort of maintenance or been serviced. Routine checks involving performance tests, revenue generation, and input from the establishment owner can give these managers an idea of which machine might need a tune-up. Whether it’s long loading screens or if the machine is out of paper, our Accel representatives make note and communicate these issues with our maintenance team so that your machine downtime is minimized.


Preventative maintenance is a huge part of the responsibility a gaming provider has when ensuring partner and patron satisfaction. We want our machines to entertain customers without our establishment partners having to worry about whether or not a machine is working. It’s our job to make people happy. Preventative maintenance makes that a reality.

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