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Non-Alcoholic Options to Offer at Your Bar or Restaurant

April 10, 2024

Whether you are a bar, restaurant, or gaming establishment owner, having a diverse beverage menu is important. Keeping that in mind, offering nonalcoholic beverage options for your patrons is equally as important. Not everyone who visits your establishment is in the mood to drink alcohol. With that being said, Accel Entertainment is here to provide you with some nonalcoholic beverage suggestions.

To begin our list, we will be listing off nonalcoholic options that just about every restaurant or bar is most likely already offering. For starters we have the always-reliable soft drinks. This one doesn’t need too much of an explanation. Whether it’s Coca Cola, Pepsi, or RC products, your establishment is in good hands, and they can even be used for fun alcoholic and nonalcoholic mixed drinks.

Another common beverage offered at most establishments is lemonades. Lemonades can of course come in the form of soft drinks, but they can also be hand made and there are so many exciting combinations and flavors to experiment with! Some of the most common combinations include peach lemonade, strawberry lemonade, pink lemonade and lemonade and iced tea, which is considered an Arnold Palmer. If you’re looking to change things up at your establishment you can consider trying blueberry lemonade, watermelon lemonade, or guava lemonade, or anything you think might be fruity and refreshing! If you really want to get creative, in warmer weather you can even try making any of these flavors frozen.

Now that we’ve discussed the basics it’s time to get into those nonalcoholic beverages that will still make your patrons feel like they are drinking a cocktail. Carbonated water of some kind should be offered at your establishment. It doesn’t have to be every kind of carbonated water, but having at least one of either sparkling water, club soda, soda water, or tonic will give you a solid foundation for satisfying your patrons’ needs. By just adding some citrus flavor or bitters to whatever your patron may request, you will have a simple, but effective cocktail alternative.

The next portion of this blog will be focused on nonalcoholic beverages named after celebrities. First let’s talk about mine and many others’ personal favorite the Shirley Temple. All it takes to make this delicious drink is some kind of lemon lime soda, grenadine and a cherry. If you’re looking for a simple alternative there is the Roy Rogers. The only difference is using Coca Cola instead of lemon lime soda. Now for this next option the Tom Collins, it is important that the normal recipe calls for gin, but if you remove that your patron will still have lemon juice, sugar, and carbonated water, which is more than enough to satisfy their thirst.

If you think our Tom Collins example is good, you can of course apply the principle of it to other normally alcoholic mixed drinks. The possibilities are endless. You can take the rum out of a pina colada, or mojito. There is also the option to take the vodka out of the Moscow mule, or Bloody Mary. Finally, you can even take the tequila out of the margarita.

We hope you found these nonalcoholic suggestions useful as you look for beverage alternatives at your bar, restaurant, or gaming establishment. Always remember that patrons are looking for something new and exciting and that doesn’t always mean they have to have alcohol. Your overall presentation and delicious recipe could be the deciding factor when it comes to where they choose to go.

What is your favorite nonalcoholic beverage to serve at your gaming establishment? Let us know in the comments below.

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