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Location Feature: Three Aces Diner

March 13, 2020

We’re always on the hunt for gaming establishments that attract players by providing a positive experience for customers. We are thrilled to feature our partner location — Three Aces Diner in Hoffman Estates.

Patrons will take a step back in time at Three Aces Diner amidst retro 1950s diner décor while they enjoy a shake (alcoholic … or not), burger, customizable mac ‘n’ cheese or anything else from their delicious menu. Established in July 2019, Three Aces Diner is the passion project of co-owner Megan and two other co-owners.

Megan is self-described “born and raised” in the bar and restaurant industry, and her family owns a nearby establishment in Hoffman Estates. As a result of this upbringing, Megan wanted to pursue opening a diner and gaming location of her own, along with her boyfriend. Megan describes it as a “fun, friendly environment,” with “creative little cocktails, good breakfast, good burgers,” and a private gaming area for players’ comfort.

In Three Aces Diner, the 1950’s diner theme is present throughout the establishment. From the retro-style menus and thoughtful vintage décor, it’s clear that Megan and her team know how to stick to their brand image. From the beginning, they knew that slots were going to be a part of their location and story.

After working with Accel Entertainment at other establishments throughout their time in the restaurant industry, Megan and her partners knew that they wanted to team up with Accel for their new diner. Megan applauds their Relationship Manager, Tatjana, for always going above and beyond to help their location with anything they may need.

From marketing materials, to giveaways and sweepstakes to drive traffic, Megan has nothing but glowing reviews for Tatjana and Accel. “[Tatjana] is great. Anytime I ever ask her for anything — signage, any of it — she’s always on top of it. [Tatjana] is really good at communicating.” Megan was proud to partner with Accel in the Million Dollar Giveaway and is looking forward to participating in the new promotion, the Mind Blowing Giveaway. Each month, there will be a new winner in both Northern and Southern Illinois, so Megan has high hopes for a local winner from Three Aces Diner.

Do you want to be featured on The Winning Ticket? Reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com and let us know what makes your business stand out.

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