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Location Feature: Poopy's Pub n' Grub

May 14, 2019

We’re always on the hunt for local establishments that offer something unique to the restaurant and gaming market, so we are thrilled to feature Poopy’s Pub n’ Grub in Savanna, IL.

On their website, Poopy’s claims the title as Illinois’ Biggest Biker Destination. This biker bar-style location caters to families, motorcyclists and people of all ages. Owners Kevin and Peggy credit their success to their creativity and willingness to take risks. The Pub n’ Grub style establishment has gone through many changes in the 20-plus years it has been in business.

What started as a small motorcycle parts shop on Main Street has continued to grow. After ten years on Main Street, Poopy’s moved to its current location and business exploded with its customers now coming every summer and fall from around the world to see one of the largest ever biker bars.

Kevin says that the business undergoes one major renovation every year to keep customers coming back every summer. In the past several years, they have expanded to 5 bars on the property, built out a large outdoor stage and viewing area, created a swim up bar out back and more. In the front of the business there is a large restaurant decorated with bikes and their signature toilet seat bar stools. Also out front is a large retail store with a variety of merchandise, primarily original clothing and Poopy’s themed T-shirts and memorabilia. Kevin says the online merchandise sales have really taken off as of late. Their clothing store can be found at https://www.poopys.com/store/.

In an effort to continue to grow the business and take some of the logistical stress off, Kevin and Peggy have recently outsourced their marketing efforts to a local professional. These marketing efforts are already paying off. With a large mailing list of their dedicated customers, Kevin and Peggy are pleased to see their business expanding, particularly through music and live events. Kevin points out that the business is not just for bikers, they are always doing car shows and often host Jeep, Corvette and Mustang runs.

Poopy’s is re-opening for the summer soon, and Kevin expects it to be their biggest year yet! With several large bands performing this summer, and tons of events and rides plans, Kevin has high hopes for the future! Be sure to act soon, Poopy’s will only be open this summer and will close on November 1. You can view the full list of events on their Facebook page or on their website Poopys.com.

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