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Location Feature: Fattie's Pub

February 18, 2020

One of the joys of being a company like Accel Entertainment is getting to work with all our partner establishments across the state of Illinois. With over 2,000 partner locations, we work with many different types of establishments. One of our favorite ways to show our appreciation is to feature some of our locations in our blogs and help them reach a larger audience and share their stories. This month, we feature Fattie’s Pub in Orland Park, Illinois.

Fattie’s Pub is owned and operated by Steve Larocco. With a little more than five years already under his belt, Steve is happy to see Fattie’s finding the success that it has. The driving force behind opening Fattie’s Pub was to provide customers in Orland Park a watering hole with a more local feel in the large suburb.

“Orland Park was so commercial,” says Steve. “I’m more of a neighborhood bar guy, and that’s the way I kind of run Fattie’s, you know what I mean? I try to know all of my customers here.”

Customers who visit Fattie’s will definitely feel the neighborhood vibe that Steve is aiming for. With its classic woodwork finishes, friendly bartenders and inviting atmosphere, anyone who visits Fattie’s will instantly feel at home.

Fattie’s Pub partnered with Accel Entertainment a little over a year ago and has steadily boosted its income thanks to video gaming. What first drew Steve to Accel was the dedication of the Accel team members he met with when he was first considering adding gaming. These relationships with Accel team members have only improved since joining. He knows he can rely on Accel service technicians to be quick and efficient, and he can get help from our expert marketing team for anything he needs.

When it comes to marketing, Steve works closely with Accel to keep his customers entertained and engaged. By working with an Accel representative, Steve has been able to create new marketing initiatives, including co-operative promotional giveaways and spin the wheel giveaways for his players to enter.

If you want to learn more about Fattie’s Pub in Orland Park, you can check out their website or find them on Facebook here. Do you want your location to be featured in our blog? Reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com and let us know what makes your business stand out!

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